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Taichung City Goverment& Taichung City Council
The New City Hall

Metropolitan opera House
Metropolitan opera House

National Taichung Library
National Taichung Library

Taichung Station Square
Taichung Station Square

Painting Taichung with Economic Development and the Arts:
Exciting Projects Bring Prosperity

Words by Taichung City Goverment
Photos by Taichung Real Estate Development Association and
Industrial Development and the Investment Promotion Committee
of Taichung City
Translated by Sho Huang

In the 21st Century, world cities compete with each other for international attention, which brings business and prosperity. To make our city more attractive within the global environment, the government of Taichung has been working hard on cultural, artistic, and public development. Thanks to everyone's efforts, Taichung's "Culture, Economic, and International City" project has gotten a good start and is putting the city on track for a bright future.
In the past, Mayor Jason Hu has said more than once that Taichung city is geographically the center of Taiwan and should be the island's cultural center as well. Thanks to the Central Taiwan Science Park, future direct flights to China, and a recent emphasis on arts, culture, and technology, Taichung is really coming together and carving out an identity for itself.

New landmarks in Taichung have given it a more modern look; buildings like the Fulfillment Amphitheater, Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, Metropolitan Opera House, and the New City Hall give the city more aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the ShuiNan Economic Park program has won the 2008 Progressive Architecture Award from a committee in the United States. The 80-hectare park will include a university with a research center, high-tech centers, an international exhibition center, art museum, and an arena.
The strength of a city lies not only in its construction but also its economic competitiveness; this is exactly why the Metropolitan Opera House has attracted domestic and global attention for its excellent architecture and potential to draw business. The participation of Taichung's citizens in local cultural activities had also helped the city, out of hundreds of entries, win the Culture and Arts Award from The World Leadership Forum. The opera house is expected to truly raise Taichung's cultural bar higher and represents a better lifestyle for the city's populace.

The opera house will take up 57,685 square meters and include a 2,009-seat theater, an 800-seat theater, and a 200-seat theater. In 2005, the Taichung City Government asked international architects for bids on the project. After selecting the current design, which was created by prominent Japanese architect Toyo Ito, construction started on January 28, 2008. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2009.

The New City Hall is situated at the intersection of WenXin, TaiZhongGang, and HuiZhong roads. This modern building will contain 50,896 square meters on 11 floors and two basements. It's expected to be completed in October this year. The design of the City Hall was selected from the numerous submissions by internationally-renowned architects; all of this attention for a project like this is unprecedented in Taiwan. The main structure of the building--arched doors--represents Taichung's vibrant energy. There will also be parks and gardens around the buildings, giving passers-by something nice to look at.

ShuiNan Economic Park was built on the old ShuiNan Airport site. The park takes up almost 250 hectares, including the old airport's land as well as an expansion to the west. The park will include different sections which will focus in areas like the economy (hotels, malls and department stores), education (a university, research labs), and transportation (bus terminals, etc). It is predicted that this massive space will impact Taichung positively and possibly become the new city center.

Taichung Station Square
According to government research, the High Speed Rail and stations to the east will play an essential role in Taichung's development. The Station Square and the art center will be a hub for the region. The new stations and stops will provide major improvements for getting to great hotels, leisure centers, residential areas, and shopping districts. Also in this area will be a Railway Museum, Railway Cultural Gallery, Central Boulevard, pedestrian zones, and an outdoor Performance Square.

National Taichung Library
The current National Taichung Library does not fit the size or layout demands for citizens and the government. Because of this shortcoming, the Executive Yuan has passed a proposal to move the library to the corner of WuQuan South and JianChen roads. The new library will take up just over two hectares and will be equipped with the most advanced technology, making it a great addition to the area and Taichung.

Stay tuned next month for more exciting news from the city government!

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