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Neck Scarves: Tying more glamour into your life

By Ann Li Translated by Ann Lee

If you keep staring into your closet at the same old clothes but just can't bring yourself to spend money on new ones, it may be time to accessorize. Accessories can turn a so-so outfit into a new and interesting one. Besides jewelry and layers, one of the easiest ways to charge up your wardrobe is by wearing a scarf. Long and short, silky or cotton, scarves are a sophisticated addition to any wardrobe, but they can be a little tricky to tie. To help out, here are a few simple tips on how to make your neck really shine.


Here is the flower-petal method, an elegant and feminine way to tie a scarf.

1. Drape the scarf around the collar of your shirt/blouse; make sure both ends of the scarf hang at an equal length.
2. Twist bottom 2/3 of the scarf into the shape of a fried cruller doughnut.
3. Hold the twisted part in one hand and pull it up while you twist it into circles. Next, put the "cruller" part into the newly-created space in the middle.
4. Now slightly adjust the "petals" and viola! You now have a new neck accessory!

flower-petal method-step 1 flower-petal method-step 2 flower-petal method-step 2

flower-petal method-step 3 flower-petal method-step 4 flower-petal method-End


Apart from using a scarf to add more drama to your clothes, it also works to smartly accessorize your winter wear and keep your neck and chest warm. And scarves aren't just for women--men can wear this classy cloth as well. Here is another way to tie a scarf that is a trademark of Pei Yong-jun, a famous television star from Korea.

1. Fold the scarf in half and throw it on your shoulders.
2. Pull one end of the scarf through the loop, over the front half of the scarf, but under the back half.
3. Pull the other end of the scarf through the loop, under the front half, but under the front half. This creates a sort of woven, checkerboard look.
4. The finished product sort of resembles a woven checkerboard.

step 1 step 2

step 3 step 3 step 2 (End)


Finally, the next method, The Knot, is good for formal occasions or for creating a more masculine look in cold weather.

1. Drape the collar of your shirt and make sure that the length is even on both sides. Take one side, and tie a big, loose knot.
2. Take the other side and pull it through the knot. Pull the knot up the scarf and tighten it. The end product looks clean and simple.

Knot- step 1 Knot- step 2 (End)

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