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Mayor Jason Hu

Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

DongGuang Greenery
DongGuang Greenery

Museum of Fine Arts (photo by
Museum of Fine Arts (photo by
Wang Guo-liang)

Mayor Jason Hu:
JingGuo Greenery Boulevard, a natural paradise in a concrete jungle

Words and photos by Taichung City Industry Developing Association
Translated by Sho Huang

Besides serving as a school administrator, I've also worked in several government departments, including the Office of the President, the Government Information Office, the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in the U.S., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and now the Taichung City Government.

During my career in civil service, many people have asked me what my favorite job has been. As you can imagine, it's a tough question. I've enjoyed every position I've held and put forth my best effort in each role to help my co-workers and support staff work together and do the right thing.

Nevertheless, I have to say that acting as the Mayor of Taichung has brought me unprecedented responsibilities and room for accomplishments that have been so different from any other position I've held. As far as city management goes, one might compare Taichung to a thriving company and my job to that of a CEO.

Only last year, Taichung won "The City of the Year" award from the World Leadership Forum. When I went up to accept the award, the topic of my speech was, "To Culture a Pearl: The Visionary Growth of Taichung". Put simply, I wanted to share Taiwan's culture with the world and help make Taichung a well-known city in the Asia-Pacific region.

Having said that, you might be wondering what kind of Taichung I have in mind, or what the city's future holds. One major change in the city is a shift from one "city center" to a handful of piazzas all over Taichung, where people in the city can enjoy an afternoon of leisure.

One of these special places, the JingGuo Greenery Boulevard, is part of the 10-kilometer promenade that stretches from the National Museum of Natural Science to the Art Museum and Cultural Center. The Greenery Boulevard, conveniently located between the People's Square and the National Museum of Natural Science, is easily accessible from TaiChungGang Road.

A walk down this plant-laden, artfully-constructed promenade will whisk you past the Museum of Fine Arts, Art Museum Boulevard, the Culture Center, People's Park, Park Lane by CMP, Issey Miyake, Liuli Gong Fang (a Glass Art Store), the National Hotel, Caves Bookstore, the National Museum of Natural Science, China Medical Hospital, ZhongSan Concert Hall, ZhongZheng Park, and all the beautiful buildings on the way. Some of them are modern, some are classic, and some are like countryside villas with poetic names like "Moonlight Delta".

In the future, this landscape and a 60-meter land bridge decorated with plants and flowers, will be built to cross over TaiChungGang Road and connect JingGuo Greenery Boulevard to the National Museum of Natural Science. This will allow park-goers to stroll through the promenade, often visited by butterflies, with ease. There are, of course, plenty of diversions if you get tired of walking--cafes, tea houses, art galleries--this welcoming promenade has it all.

So come on out to the JingGuo Greenery Boulevard, where you can really appreciate Taiwan's natural beauty, even in the middle of the city. I'm looking forward to sharing this special city with many more friends from all over the world.

Museum of Fine Arts Lovely night view at the Art Museum Greenery Boulevard.
Left: Museum of Fine Arts
Right: Lovely night view at the Art Museum Greenery Boulevard.

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