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STb "Invisible Braces"

STb "Invisible Braces"

STb "Invisible Braces": Finding your perfect smile!

Written and translated by Ann Lee

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Are you or any of your friends a bit self-conscious about flashing your pearly whites in a great, big smile? Have you thought about braces, but you can't bear the thought of having some blatant, metal apparatus sticking out from your teeth and making you talk funny? Well, you're in luck! This month, we are introducing a way to help you create a super smile--on the sly! The trick here is that you can undergo treatment to straighten your teeth without worrying about other people looking at your braces. With the system, called STb Invisible Braces, you won't have feel uncomfortable at work or school, or feel self-conscious when you speak. Eventually, your perfect smile will give you the confidence that you deserve.

The greatest merit of getting the STb Invisible Braces is that people cannot tell you are in orthodontic treatment at all. Up until recently, the only way to straighten teeth was to use metal or transparent braces that sat prominently on the outside of teeth, which is quite an issue for those who are required to speak in public and for women at an age when they are particularly concerned with their appearance. The decision to go through a year or more with braces fitted on the outside of one's teeth required a lot of courage. Now, all of that's changed. Apart from the fact that others won't be able to tell that you are wearing braces, STb treatment will not affect the way you speak. And, since the braces itself are small, the feeling of having a foreign object inside your mouth becomes less noticeable more quickly. Furthermore, this orthodontic treatment has no age limit and it treats the problem at its source, without making the outside look awkward.

The process basically breaks down as follows. On your first visit to the orthodontist, you'll have an initial consultation and examination. Next, the doctor will explain all about the procedure, including the duration of your treatment, cost, payment methods, etc. On another visit, the dentist will give a lesson on oral hygiene for your braces and then affix the system to your teeth, which usually takes about two hours. The actual alignment process can take one to two years, depending on the severity of the crowding. After that period, you'll need to wear a retainer for another year or two, and then go for regular "tune ups" every three to five weeks. Since everyone's mouth is different, the entire time needed to straighten your teeth can also vary a lot.

For those of you who are considering getting braces, it's normal to feel a bit uncertain right before you consult with a dentist. When you do finally decide to go with a plan and receive the treatment, remember that you will need patience to cooperate with the dentist, because the person benefiting the most from all of this is you and your smile. Your move to getting braces will give you a brand new smile and a positive change, both on the inside and out.

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