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TADA: Central Taiwan's first major rock venue
TADA is Taichung's first major
rock music venue offering both
music and good food.

TADA: Central Taiwan's first major rock venue
Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai
hosts TADA's opening
ceremony. To her right is the
band Monomania.

TADA: Central Taiwan's first major rock venue
The "Hot Soup Project"
combined music with charity.

Have fun and rock on!
TADA: Central Taiwan's first major rock venue

Words by Jan Ling
Translated by Angel Pu
Photos provided by Windwin Co.,LTD.

If you love rock music or are a musician, Taichung has a new venue to show off your musical talent and creative passion. TADA--central Taiwan's first major live rock music venue--has been open since June 22 at the Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park, bringing some good news to live music lovers around the country.

An ark of dreams
TADA, which stands for "The Arts Dreaming Ark", stands for an ark that contains dreams, sailing in the Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park's B01 Hall, which once served as a warehouse for the Taichung Brewery. This new performance venue is designed to provide a place for young musicians to perform their original music. Now equipped with a large, brand-new stage and high-quality sound and lighting equipment, this historic building has a new look and become Taichung's first major legal rock music performance space.

Since its opening in June, over 61 international and local indie music groups have performed at TADA, including the now world-famous Taiwanese metal band ChthoniC and singer Huang Shan-liang, renowned for singing traditional Taiwanese hand-puppetry theme songs. Many indie music venues are situated in out-of-the-way locations such basements, which often means that the uninitiated or uninformed miss out on the chance to enjoy some good music. Situated near the front entrance of Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park, however, TADA's artistic appearance is a high-profile attention-getter that can accomodate larger audiences. In addition, this sizable performance and exhibition venue offers food and drinks.

A new independent music center
TADA is currently operated by Windwin Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the Cultural Heritage Administration Center of Taichung City. Windwin CEO Lei Chi-chang noted that in the early 1990s Taichung was one of Taiwan's most important places for promoting independent music. Many punk bands, for example, have their roots in Taichung and the city's music scene has cultivated a variety of other indie music styles as well. Given the fact that Taichung's live music scene was severely impacted by the fatal fire at Ala Pub in March, 2011, TADA has been launched in an effort to boost the indie music scene via a series of events there and as a fresh venue for bands and artists to perform at.

Towards this goal, everything at TADA is legal and meets the strictest building and fire-safety codes, enabling visitors to relax and enjoy the music. At the moment, TADA opens for live performances at 10 p.m. Fridays to Sundays, but in the future there will be live performances there daily. This spacious venue, over 200 pings in size, can accomodate over 500 people.

Using the power of music for good causes
Music is an attitude and a force that can draw people's attention to serious social issues. For example, the live July 7 "Hot Soup Project", including performances by various well-known bands and musicians such as Ta-chih, Wu Chih-ning, Cheng I-nung, Hush!, Tizzy Bac, 1976, Bear Babes, Orangegrass, and Morning Call, was a charity event that educated audience members about current important social issues.

In addition, famous rapper MC HotDog will also perform his newest, third album "Slumdog Millionaire" on Sept. 8 at TADA. This new release, which came out in July, expresses his views about some of society's cruelest realities, as he turns these into critical but humorous lyrics. Moreover, another band, MJ116, will also perform on Sept. 29. Formed in 2004, MJ116 is a very young rap group that has created a fresh Taiwanese hip-hop style. MJ stands for "Mujha", or Muzha in Taipei city, where they come from, while 116 is Muzha district's postal code.

TADA is set to become not only a new popular destination at the Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park, but also injects new energy into Taiwan's live music scene as it showcases the beauty of indie music.

TADA B01 performance hall
362, Fuxing Rd., Sec. 3, South Dist.
Tel: (04) 2229-0989
Food area: light meals available 11 am-7 pm Tue.-Sun. (serving hours extended during
performances; only open to audience members with tickets)
Live-music area: Open according to performance schedule.

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