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Taiwan Boulevard: Discovering Taichung's past, present and future
Taiwan Boulevard is the central
transportation corridor for

Taiwan Boulevard: Discovering Taichung's past, present and future
The roadway's old and new
names will coexist for two
years, giving Taichung
residents time to deal with
associated changes.

Taiwan Boulevard: Discovering Taichung's past, present and future
Taiwan Boulevard at night
provides a special enchan

Taiwan Boulevard: Discovering Taichung's past, present and future

Words by Chen Yu-hsiu
Translated by Angel Pu
Photography by Lo Yu-chen
Photos provided by Civil Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government

Zhongzheng Road, Taichung Port Road and Zhongqi Road have long been three of Taichung's most important thoroughfares. On July 1 this year, the Taichung city government officially renamed these connected roads "Taiwan Boulevard" and unveiled a new road sign with this designation in front of the Taichung Railway Station on July 10 at 10:30 a.m., in yet another symbol of Taichung's gradual transition to becoming an international city.

Witness to life in Taichung
Taiwan Boulevard begins at the Taichung Railway Station which, in 1908, Japan's Prince Kanin Kotohito personally visited for its opening ceremony and a celebration marking the completion of railway services across western Taiwan. Its geographical position means that Taichung has always had a very important role in history and the area around the rail station was the city's original downtown. Central district has an abundance of delicious traditional foods that most Taichung residents love from their childhoods, from the sun cake shops on Ziyou Road to items found in the traditional Second Market on Zhongzheng Road. Although this district does not thrive as much as it once did, it remains a very important place in many people's memories. And, thanks to the contributions of Taichung city government and some local residents, Central district today has another chance to shine again.

Sections 2 and 3 of Taiwan Boulevard, stretching from the Calligraphy Greenway to the Sun Yat-sen (Zhongshan) National Freeway, brings together the essence of life in Taichung. Taiwan's first outdoor museum--CMP Block Museum of Arts, the National Museum of Natural Science, large department stores and international hotels are all found here, together with Taichung's most important governmental office, the new Taichung City Hall. When National Freeway Route 1 was first completed, Taichung's main access to it was the Zhonggang interchange, which now connects to Taiwan Boulevard,. The obvious impact that this made, together with the presence of Taichung city government and the nearby 7th Redevelopment Zone, has transformed this into the city's most valuable area.

New era of land, sea transportation
Taiwan Boulevard's Section 4, around Dadu Mountain, features the nation's largest urban industrial park, the famous Tunghai University, and the 80-hectare Taichung Metropolitan Park. From the top of Dadu Mountain, you can view the Taiwan Strait, the Taichung plain and Central Mountain Range. Taichung Port, at the other end of Taiwan Boulevard, has also become an important transportation hub in central Taiwan. This harbor's official opening date, on October 31, 1976, stands out in the memories of older Taichung residents and is another key historic marker on Taiwan Boulevard. Inside Taichung Port is the Wuqi Tourism Harbor, which attracts millions of visitors each year, while the nearby Gaomei Wetlands is also a popular scenic spot because of its unique natural vistas.

From railways to highways and the seaport, from the old downtown to a booming new city hall area, Taiwan Boulevard has been a witness to Taichung's most important events. Despite its new name, it will undoubtedly continue to create even more memories for all of Taichung's people.

Dual doorplates make it easier to change household records
The introduction of Taiwan Boulevard will affect seven Taichung districts--Central, North, West, Xitun, Longjin, Shalu and Wuqi districts. In order to ease the transition to this new name, the city government has decided that the original road names (Zhongzheng Road, Taichung Port Road, Zhongqi Road) will be allowed to co-exist with Taiwan Boulevard for two years to give residents time to arrange for doorplate revisions and other changes. For more information, visit http://taiwanblv.taichung.gov.tw.

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