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Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties
Taichung City's new year's eve
parties are always
highly-anticipated events.

Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties
The sparkling, radiant
Christmas tree on new
Taichung City Hall's front plaza
exudes holiday spirit to



Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties

Words by Chen Yu-hsiu
Translated by Angel Pu
Photos provided by Information Bureau of Taichung City Government

With the end of 2012 approaching, Taichung City Government has arranged a series of fun seasonal events for Taichung residents. This includes a big party on December 31.

Christmas events
Taichung City Government 2012 Christmas events
From December 7 to 25, a 16-meter-tall Christmas tree will stand on the front plaza of the new Taichung City Hall. Taiwan Boulevard (Taichung Port Rd.) will feature beautiful Christmas decorations, in addition to a creative laser show, digital arts Christmas party and Austrian ARS Electronica electronic art related events. Another 11-meter-tall Christmas tree will also be positioned on the plaza of the Yangming Building (former Taichung County Office).

Christmas village at CMP Block
CMP Block, CMP Block Museum of Art, and Park Lane by CMP mall will present a "Gift Factory" Christmas festival between November 16, 2012 and January 1, 2013. This 47-day festival includes eight exhibitions and six events. Last year, the organizer CMP Pujen Foundation for Arts and Culture held a road run event featuring 3,000 people dressed up as Santa Claus and this year will see the foundation organizing another costume road run on December 16, with profits from this being donated to the FHL Welfare Center.

Taichung City Government New Year's Eve Events
The New Year's Eve Party held by the city government is always one of the most anticipated and popular year-end occasions. This year's party will have two venues--a main area at the parking lot outside Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, and the front plaza of the new Taichung City Hall, from where there will be a live broadcast. Live broadcasts from Guguan will also take place. Below are the times and places for these events.

Main venue: Parking lot outside Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium (2012/12/31, 19:00 to 2013/1/1, 00:30)
Huang Tzu-chiao, Chang Shang-wei and Sha-sha will host this event, with an opening featuring a special LED dance show developed by a team from Taichung. Besides famous singers and groups such as S.H.E. and Kuo Tsai-chieh, there will a three-minute fireworks show to usher in the new year.

Guguan venue: Next to Hot Springs Park (2012/12/31, 22:00 to 2013/1/1, 00:05)
The Guguan venue will feature is a night of aboriginal and folk music. Guests will include Atayal tribal dancers and popular entertainers Kao Chin Su-mei, Fu-wei, Wang Meng-lin and Chao Shu-hai. A beautiful laser show will take place during the final countdown to welcome 2013.

Live broadcast: Front square of new Taichung City Hall (2012/12/31, 19:00 to 2013/1/1, 00:30)
The city hall's giant screen will show a live broadcast of the event at the main venue, and there will be a three-minute fireworks show during the countdown to the new year.

If you can't be at either of the above venues, you can also watch the TV broadcasts of Taichung festivities on CtiTV, TTV or Channel 8 (Taichung City channel).

CMP Block Museum of Art: Sundial Park (2012/12/31, 19:00-24:00)
The new year's eve party being held at CMP Block Museum of Art will feature guest singers and groups that include Wei Ju-hsuan and Tizzy Bac. There will also be fireworks to welcome 2013.

Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties

Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties

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