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My cold drip coffee lab

By Ann Li
Translated by Anna Yang

My cold drip coffee lab1. Pick out your favorite coffee beans. Every coffee bean has its distinguishing flavors, which is why I prefer cold drip coffee-making, which allows me to enjoy original fragrances and tastes.

2. Choose the right grindometer gauge. Different grindometer ranges offer varieties of richness and I found mine after many tries. I would recommend trying a gauge of 1 to 3; the finer the coffee grounds, the more evenly water will seep through it, generating richer coffee aromas and flavors. I think it is beautiful and artistic to enjoy coffee making process and discover your favorite flavor.

Making cold drip coffee

Dripping extract:
1. The ice drip coffee tower has upper, middle and lower chambers. First, add the proper amount of ground coffee to the middle chamber. Then add a round paper filter disk on top of the grounds to help even the distribution of water over the coffee.

2. Fill up half of the upper chamber with ice cubes and water. Adjust the dripping rate to one drip per 2-3 seconds.

3. The water will drip onto the ground coffee in the middle chamber and then continue into the lower carafe. The time for this varies, depending on the chamber size. A simple observation method to maintain the purity of coffee flavors is to stop the drip as soon as the dripping coffee becomes light in color.

4. For best flavors, completed drip coffee should be poured into a sealed glass container and stored in the refrigerator for 1-3 days. Coffee extracted at lower temperatures will not be oily, either, and can be stored for longer.

Steeping extract (another option):
1. Add 60 grams of water to 50 grams of ground beans, using a spoon to evenly stir the two together (slowly as water is added, little by little). Then press the soaked ground beans evenly and place a round paper filter disk on top of it.

2. The entire following processes are as same as drip extraction method.

Enjoy your aromatic coffee!

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