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COMPASS MAGAZINE > February 2017

A new look for old downtown Taichung City- Overnighting at a culture and creative hotel

Words by Lin Mei-lan Translated by Anna Yang
Photography by Reflection Photography

A long time ago, old downtown Taichung City (Central district) was considered a replica of Kyoto in Japan. This old city was filled with abundant historic landmarks and stories. However, it then fell quiet for a long time as other parts of Taichung developed. Revived in recent years, Central district has become home to several culture and creative hotels, as well as tourist amenities like mobile phone power-charging stations. Thus, visitors can better appreciate the beauty of the Central district with stays at stylish hotels in this area.

All of the creative hotels in this district feature unique and attractive styles that have special appeal among younger travelers.

In fact, these hotels are not only for resting and overnight stays, but also allow visitors to experience local life in the area and provide motivation to seek out special landmarks and history. In addition, these hotels cooperate closely with local shops to develop the cultural side of the old Taichung.

Reloading Hotel
55, ZhongShan Rd, Central District

Once used to by electronics retailer on Electronics Street, this site was renovated into a cultural hotel that aims to promote Greater Taichung.

RedDot Hotel and Culture
206, MinZu Rd, Central District

This transformed hotel incorporates creativity and fun elements, earning it the TID (Chinese Society of Interior Decorating) Award and inclusion among the top 25 hotels of Taiwan on TripAdvisor, as well as notice and publicity from the media outlet, ArchDaily.

Hotel Day+
98, ZhongMing S Rd, West District

This West district hotel is one of the most recommended culture and creative residences and introduces many stories of old Taichung. Its building is an art spotlight and the hotel's own "Wunluren" publication serves as a city touring guide.

P&F Hotel
101, ShiFu Rd, Central District

The owner of this hotel was born in Taichung in the 1980's and renovated this old hotel to combine a local historic atmosphere with new, cultural highlights.

Shin Sei Bashi Hotel
26, ZhongShan Rd, Central District

In order to support Central district revival plans, a group of young people opened this hotel next to Luchuan River. They hired homeless people to help clean up the environment around the river and promote local cultural and creative products.

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