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Taichung's Other Night Markets

By Xu Li-ling and Uvia Chang
Translated by Anna Yang

While Taichung's famed Fengjia and YiZhong Street night markets are top local destinations for residents and visitors, the city is home to a number of other significant night markets that are well worth visiting.

Tanzi Shengli Night Market

175, YaTan Rd, Sec 1, Tanzi Dist (next to Tan-Show Junior High School)
Hours: Open Mon., Thur. and Sat. 6-11 p.m.

This night market has been in Tanzi-Daya-Shengang area for 16 years and offers shopping and leisure products every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, although more shops are present on Thursdays. When the sun goes down, it draws many families, couples and other visitors interested in sampling its local food, fun entertainment and everyday-products retailers.

Tanzi Shengli Night Market Tanzi Shengli Night Market Tanzi Shengli Night Market

Bar and Fun International Mall

165, FengYuan Blvd, Fengyuan Dist
Hours: Open Wed., Fri-Sun. 5 p.m.-12 a.m.

Fengyuan District's largest indoor night market offers shopping, leisure and great food. This updated dining center preserves Taiwan's night market traditions and join's Fengyuan's traditional Miaodong Night Market as another place to eat your way through the evening. Attractive features include a ceiling up to nine meters high, equipped with a modern ventilation system to keep the venue cool, and 600 free parking spaces. This night market belongs to Taichung City Government and several shops are run by the Farmers' Association, with farm products and local delicacies periodically on display for sale. The market also has vendors available on holidays, generating a great atmosphere for visiting families regardless of the weather outside. Another popular option is the nearby Huludun Night Market, located between FengDong and XiangYang roads.

Bar and Fun International Mall Bar and Fun International Mall Bar and Fun International Mall

Cultural Creativity Tourism Night Market

1130, ZhongQing Rd, Sec 2, Beitun Dist
停業 Closed

If you are looking for fun entertainment, especially for kids, you won't want to miss this night market, whose entertainment facilities include bungy-jumping, a bounce house that covers 150 square meters, a merry-go-round and spinning plane ride carousel. Other good parent-child fun includes balloon dart, hoopla ring toss and card games, with the air filled with the loud greetings of vendors, voices and children's laughter. A wide range of vendors also sells good-quality, delicious eats and drinks, including scallion pancakes, kebabs, bubble tea, tofu marinated chicken, broiled foods and duck dishes, rounding out an evening of fun here.

Cultural Creativity Tourism Night Market Cultural Creativity Tourism Night Market  Cultural Creativity Tourism Night Market

Han Xi Night Market

Located between ZhengXing and HanXi East roads, East Dist
Hours: Open Tue., Thu.-Sat. 6 p.m.-12 a.m.

This flourishing, relaxing night market-always filled with hungry crowds-has been in East District for nine years, providing a festive atmosphere in every corner for its many visitors. The main attraction here is the many eateries, including especially popular vendors that draw long lines of customers. The central part of the market features daily-goods vendors and entertainment facilities are located in the back. Parking is convenient with separate parking lots for scooters and cars.

A number of vendors in this market have become famous, sometimes via TV interviews. This includes the French Sausage Burger stand run by two young Frenchmen. One of the owners, Ah Ben, originally intended to teach in Taiwan but ended up selling meat products and running a vendor stand at the night market. He enjoys cooking so he decided to share his hometown cuisine with some creative twists, combining baguettes and handmade French sausages for a savory, exotic treat that is worth seeking out on your next visit to Han Xi Night Market.

Han Xi Night Market  Han Xi Night Market Han Xi Night Market

Huangzhong Night Market

Located between ShiZheng Rd and HuanZhong Rd, Sec 3 (next to gas station)
Hours: Open Fri.-Sun. 5 p.m.-1 a.m.

This lively night market may not be as large as some of the others but still offers hundreds of vendors, plus a free parking lot so customers don't have to worry about finding a space. In the illuminated venue you'll discover all sorts of fun and food, including various beverages, oyster pancakes, grilled and broiled items, wine-steamed shells, steaks and grilled fish. Many customers also show up with their kids to enjoy the fun entertainment, such as hoopla ring toss, mahjong, water balloon dart and net fishing games and go-kart rides. All this creates a memorable, photo-friendly atmosphere for outings with friends and family.

Huangzhong Night Market Huangzhong Night Market

Longfu Night Market

Located between WuQuan West and XiangShang roads (next to McDonald's)
Hours: Open Tue., Thu.-Sun. 6 p.m.-12 a.m.

This recently-opened night market, next to the Tienmu Square Jade Market, provides more entertainment areas than eateries. Visitors can experience fun facilities and activities like archery, crane machines, mahjong and pachinko. The largest food vendor is a Mongolian BBQ with NT$160 all-you-can-eat service that includes choices of beef, lamb, chicken and pork with vegetables, soup, beverages and rice. Another vendor serves a crystal-sugar lemon drink (NT$45, hot and cold) prepared with lemon peel extract, cooked with crystal sugar and RO filtered water. A karaoke stage is also available for brave visitors who want to belt out some songs in public. Just pick a song, have the staff member enter it on the song list, and fulfill your dreams of fame in a night market!

Longfu Night Market Longfu Night Market Longfu Night Market

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