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Tunghai University International College

The world is changing. Or rather, it has already changed. To thrive in today's global workforce requires greater creativity, leadership, and compassion than ever before. And it all begins with finding the right college.

Tunghai University International College Tunghai University International College Tunghai University International College

Tunghai University's International College strives to give talented and forward-thinking students the innovative liberal arts-based education needed to meet the demands of a modern international job market. Founded in 2014, the college offers two all-English programs with an emphasis on global leadership and entrepreneurship: International Business Administration (IBA) and Sustainability Science and Engineering (SSE). While our IBA students learn the ins and outs of global business and management, our SSE students study the intricacies of international environmental technology and policy. To provide a well-rounded, internationally-minded education, all our students will also take a series of "Global Leadership" courses in history, arts and culture, environmentalism, politics and leadership.

Tunghai University International College Tunghai University International College Tunghai University International College

Students of both programs will immerse themselves in an international environment with English-taught courses, foreign professors, international students, and the Student Mentors, recent college graduates from American universities who guide our students through their first and second years, fostering English conversation outside the classroom, hosting cultural events and activities, and providing helpful academic and personal advice. Furthermore, the International College is deeply committed to international exchange and study abroad opportunities, encouraging every single one of its students to travel abroad (for a semester, year, or summer), complete the second half of their studies at one of our foreign partner universities, or take on internships either abroad or with locally-based international companies.

Tunghai University International College Tunghai University International College

With our immersive international community and innovative educational philosophy, our IBA and SSE programs will allow students to graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate an increasingly-connected, fast-paced, and fast-changing world. And it all starts here in Taichung.

Think globally, learn locally. Push boundaries, and cross cultures. Join the IC family.

Tunghai University International College
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1727, Taiwan Boulevard, Sec. 4, Xitun District, Taichung 40704, Taiwan R.O.C. Box 95

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