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Grand events mark 100-year milestones in Taichung: Centennial celebrations in Taiwan's 'Culture City'

Words by Paula Lin Translated by Anna Yang
Photos provided by Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government

This year marks a historic moment of special significance for Taichung City. A century ago, Taichung Railway Station was completed and Taichung Second Market had its grand opening. In the same year, Wanchun Temple inaugurated the Wuma Hui ("Five Goddesses Event"), whose name was later changed to Chima Hui ("Seven Goddesses Event") as two more Mazu temples were added.

Grand events mark 100-year milestones in Taichung Grand events mark 100-year milestones in Taichung
Left: Second Market delicacies
Right: Taichung's Second Market welcomes visitors for a 100-year celebration.

To mark these local milestones, a series of planned events are focused on the Taichung Railway Station, Second Market and "Century-Old Seven Goddesses". These will all highlight vintage facets of Taichung City to promote tourism, cultural and creative products, city marketing, and Taichung railway-related exhibitions and musical concerts as the city's traditional past is revisited.

The Taichung 100-Year Celebration, organized by Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau, highlights the Taichung Overpass project and promotes eco-friendly aspects of the city. Events on April 8 and 9 include Railroad Journey Tours and Railway Culture Seminars and, as they explore Taichung's old downtown, visitors can enjoy several vendors featuring delicacies and desserts in the Central District and take train rides from Chenggong to Zuifeng stations. Other events on April 15 and 16 include a "Forever Young" Reunion, family and kids' activities, and a Taichung Overpass market and musical concert.

Grand events mark 100-year milestones in Taichung
Nostalgic advertising boards are displayed by Second Market's entrance.

Renovations to the Second Market have left its environment cleaner and and brighter. Nostalgic decorations like hanging red lanterns and entrance advertising boards are also on display, together with an exhibition of Taichung pictures by photographer Lin Chuan-chu. A series of events taking place from March to October include gifts for those who check-in with photos on Facebook, DIY lessons for molding clay into food shapes, and the sharing of stories by market vendors Fuzhou Noodles, Qingzhou Fruit Shop, and Maochuan Meatballs. In addition, there will be four guided-tour routes that highlight local residents' lifestyles, old restaurants and their traditional Taiwanese delicacies dating back to the Japanese colonial era.

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