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Promoting hamonious local community relationships
Comprehensive, community-friendly approaches to public housing

Words by Paula Lin Translated by Anna Yang
Photos provided by Department of Urban Development of
Taichung City Government

As one looks back over the past century of urban development in Taichung City, it is obvious that housing quality has made dramatic progress. However, modernization has also meant that residents are less connected to each other. To alleviate affordable housing issues and create friendlier neighborhoods, Taichung City Government's core public housing project is designed to boost Taichung's reputation as Taiwan's "Most Livable City" promoting a high quality of living and services and a caring community spirit.

Creating a suitable community environment
In contrast to many of its fellow Taiwan special municipalities, Taichung City has taken a more comprehensive approach to services and facilities, including housing, social welfare and medical services, as the central focus in its efforts to provide a a safe, stable and livable city. This approach sees harmonious relationships between neighbors as being the key to to integrating society and community residents.

With this goal, Taichung City Government has boosted public-use areas in a number of communities to enhance person-to-person interactions, while also planning public reading, leisure and dining areas to encourage more communication and concern between residents. Such housing-related concepts serve the meaningful purpose of making Taichung even more of a livable city.

Taichung's first core public housing project is at Fengyuan District's Ankangduan. The main principles behind this project are "great location, durable construction materials, excellent facilities and functions, and reasonable rent". Fengyuan's Ankangduan, located by YuanHuan East Road and FengYuan Boulevard, is less than a 10-minute drive from Fengyuan Railway Station. Its construction materials are an improvement over those used in older Taichung residential complexes and nearby features include parks, trees, daycare centers and senior citizen centers, ensuring living convenience for any household. Finally, rents are up to 30% cheaper than Taichung City averages, a benefit that will help attract younger families.

Comprehensive, community-friendly approaches to public housing Comprehensive, community-friendly approaches to public housing
Left: Taichung's first core public housing project, located in Fengyuan's Ankangduan, will be completed by the end of this year.
Right: Architect Chiang Le-jing is creating this first housing project with organic building materials (architectural rendering of Ankangduan).

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