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The Right Tool For the Job: Choosing the Correct Wine Glass

By Casey Sams (Terroir Wine Taichung's owner)
Translated by Anna Yang

The Right Tool For the Job: Choosing the Correct Wine GlassWe've all been there before...you pull out a nice bottle of wine to share with friends/family, only to find that you don't have enough wine glasses to go around. Naturally you grab a water glass or even a coffee mug. After all, a glass is a glass right? Wrong!

When it comes to wine, glassware can make or break a great bottle. But how does one choose the right glass? Here are a few pointers (and an awesome diagram) to help you pick the best glass for your bottle.

First, it's important to remember a key point: Wines react when exposed to air. This, of course, is what's happening when a wine "wakes up" but it also hugely important to the aroma (or nose) of the wine. And that is where your glassware comes in. The body and structure of the wine, including the aroma, will evolve differently depending on the glassware used.

Second, wine is a deeply complex and oftentimes subtle drink. Your tongue is only able to identify five or six distinct flavors, with your nose responsible for the rest. The right glass helps to intermingle the wine's aromatics and direct them towards your olfactory bulb as you drink. This really brings out both the depth in flavor and subtle notes you may miss if sipping your vino out of a teacup.

Third, you don't have to break the bank on glasses to enjoy your wine! Though there are hundreds of different wine glass shapes and sizes out there, you can easily get by with a decent set of all-purpose glasses. However, if you do want to take it a step further, you really only need three essentials to drink well, starting with a set of medium-sized, red-specific glass that will accommodate most of the common reds out there. If you frequent a good Pinot Noir, get yourself a set with extra wide bowls. The same goes for white--a set of medium-sized white glasses (narrower rims then red) will cover most any white you'll find at the shop. Finally, if you fancy a bit of bubbles, you'll most definitely want a set of standard champagne flutes on hand.

The Right Tool For the Job: Choosing the Correct Wine Glass

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