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Taichung becomes Taiwan's second-largest city

It's the perfect time to move here and invest!

Words by Paula Lin Translated by Anna Yang
Photos provided by Taichung City Government and Information Bureau
of Taichung City Government

In July, Taichung's steadily-growing population surpassed Kaohsiung's to make it Taiwan's second-largest city. Addressing this exciting development during the Taichung MRT Green Line Land Development and Investment Meeting, Taichung City Mayor Lin Chia-lung declared, "Taichung is finally growing up to become an adult." He noted that with a growth in local job opportunities and promotion of social benefits, the number of new immigrants into the city would continue to grow. Towards this goal, Taichung's development and urban renewal plans have already been approved by the central government, with an extensive railway network slated to boost Taichung as a major economic hub whose growth will also benefit nearby Changhua, Nantou and Miaoli counties. With these central Taiwan regional development plans in place, Taichung City Government is inviting all to invest in the city.

Taichung becomes Taiwan's second-largest city

In order to celebrate Taichung's new status as Taiwan's second-largest city, Taichung City Government is now promoting its "Taiwan's Second-Largest City: Taichung Centennial Celebration" event that also serves to mark the city's hundredth year. For this celebration, the city government is holding "thousand-person banquet events" and a number of concerts for the purpose of gathering residents of varying ages to share and witness this momentous occasion for Taiwan's second-largest city.

According to Ministry of the Interior statistics, Taichung City's population at the end of July, 2017 reached 2,778,182 people, exceeding Kaohsiung City for the first time by 309 residents. Taiwan's largest city, New Taipei City, has a population of 3,984,051 and is followed by Taichung, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Taoyuan and Tainan in size.

Nationally, Taichung's population has been growing at the second-fastest rate over the last five years, increasing by 10,943 people between January and July this year, for an average growth of 1,563 residents per month.

Mayor Lin believes that social benefits such children's day-care programs and growing job opportunities are key reasons new residents are moving to the city and led it to leapfrog Kaohsiung in size. Other contributing factors include investments by companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), whose development of an enormous fab in Taichung has created 5,000 new job opportunities.

In addition, Taichung City Government is supporting the business ambitions of young people by promoting the job opportunities in the cultural and creative industry via its "Catch Star Taichung" initiative, as well as encouraging young residents to look for job and business opportunities in the agricultural sector. The overall impact of the above is a city population that is expected to continue growing.

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