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By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Anna Yang

Wen Chui-ching

Taichung City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau Director-General Wang Chih-Cheng has long been a familiar name and face on the city's cultural scene, even before he began serving as a public servant. A native of Taichung's coastal district of Dajia, Wang is perhaps best-known as a poet, having published several books of his works under the pen name of Lu Han-hsiu and earned many awards for his poems. His artistic expression has also found an outlet in his photography, which has been featured in a number of exhibitions. He has also served as a magazine editor-in-chief, writer-in-residence at National Chung Hsing University and National Changhua University of Education and as part-time professor at National Taichung University of Science and Technology.

Indian & Turkish Cuisine
I like Indian rotis and Turkish wraps. I've been enjoying Galata Turkish Restaurant, located on a lane off of ZhongXing Street, especially their Meatball Beyti, Red Lentil Soup, and Chicken Wrap.

Indian & Turkish Cuisine

Hausinc Cafe
Two of my favorite cafe are Hausinc Cafe and Douzi, both on ZhongTai West Street not far from my office, where I like to drink Kenyan coffee.

Hausinc Cafe

Taoshan Aboriginal Village
One of my favorite destinations in Taichung is Taoshan Aboriginal village, in Heping District's Daguan community. There's a two-story wooden pavilion there where I like to sit, rest and get some shade from the sun. There is also a natural garden there were you can enjoy the bird's nest ferns, and a cave with stalactites . The village is home to Aboriginal senior citizens whose tattooed faces I find really interesting and representative of their culture. There's also a church there that I often visit with my friends.

Taoshan Aboriginal Village

Bicycling and Traditional Markets
I enjoy bicycling in the Dakeng Scenic Area and sometimes my husband accompanies me. On Sundays and holidays, I really love to also visit Taichung's traditional markets. Exploring them is like going on a treasure hunt. On a lane between GuoAn 1st and 2nd streets, there's also a pavilion that I like to relax in with my family. I buy some food at a nearby store, hang out, eat and enjoy the breezes, and then brew up some tea.

Bicycling and Traditional Markets

古拉塔土耳其餐廳 Galata Turkish Restaurant (23, Lane 117, MeiChun Rd, Sec 1, 2F, West Dist; tel. 04-2321-9515)
Hausinc Cafe (39, ZhongTai W Rd, North Dist; tel. 04-2208-5855)
豆子餐廳 Douzi (71, ZhongTai W Rd, North Dist; tel. 04-2208-0818)
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