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May, 2017
Taichung embraces craft-beer enjoyment
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, May 2017 Issue
Visiting historic Qingshui Old Street: A coastal journey rich in nature and humanity
Comprehensive, community-friendly approaches to public housing
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, May 2017 Issue
Creating your very own, one-of-a-kind perfume
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, May 2017 Issue
Compass Magazine
April, 2017
Healthy Shopping at Taichung's Farmers' Markets
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, April 2017 Issue
A nostalgic bikeway excursion in Dali: Transitioning from Tailikhit to Dali Art
Grand events mark 100-year milestones in Taichung
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, April 2017 Issue
Japanese whiskies: Well worth trying
> Compass Magazine Special AD Focus, April 2017 Issue
Compass Magazine
March, 2017
Taichung's Other Night Markets
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, March 2017 Issue
Taichung Second Market
2017 Taichung Mazu International Festival: Revisiting a centuries-old heritage of temples and tradition
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, March 2017 Issue
Tunghai University International College
> Compass Magazine Special AD Focus, March 2017 Issue
Compass Magazine
February, 2017
New life for Taichung's old Chienkuo Market
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, February 2017 Issue
The Reemergence of Taichung's famed Lichuan Canal
A new look for old downtown Taichung City-Overnighting at a culture and creative hotel
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, February 2017 Issue
South African Chardonnays
> Compass Magazine The Finer Thing, February 2017 Issue
Compass Magazine
January, 2017

Vibrant, fun and friendly ASEAN Square and its storied past
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, January 2017 Issue
My cold drip coffee lab
> Compass Magazine The Finer Things, January 2017 Issue
Thai Massage
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, January 2017 Issue
Introduction to Providence University and Graduate International Program-MBA
> Compass Magazine Special Ad Focus, January 2017 Issue

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