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December, 2007
Where are you going for Christmas and the New Year?
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, December 2007 Issue
The World Leadership Forum's Culture and Arts Award
Costco in Taichung!
> Compass Magazine
Taichung City Government, December 2007 Issue
Taiwan works to make travel and recreation more English-friendly
> Compass Magazine
Culture, December 2007 Issue
November, 2007
Taichung's Luxury Motels
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, November 2007 Issue
Baseball Fever
Mayor Hu & His Team Visit Taichung's 18th U.S. Sister City (Part 2)
> Compass Magazine
Taichung City Government, November 2007 Issue
My life-changing European summer with the People to People program
> Compass Magazine
Special Advertiser Focus, November 2007 Issue
October, 2007
A cultural breath of fresh air: Taiwanese returnees
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, October 2007 Issue
The Age of Rodin
Mayor Hu & His Team Visit Taichung's 18th U.S. Sister City (Part 1)
> Compass Magazine
Taichung City Government, October 2007 Issue
September, 2007

Live Life to the fullest with Useful Money-Saving Tips
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, September 2007 Issue
The Central Taiwan Summit to Promote Tourism
Taichung City's new emblem represents strength and beauty
Come enjoy lovely music in Taichung, the LOHAS city
> Compass Magazine
Taichung City Government, September 2007 Issue
Soda's hidden hazards

> Compass Magazine
Lifestyle, September 2007 Issue

August, 2007
Fantasy Valentine's Day NT$24,000 in 24 Hours
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, August 2007 Issue
Discovering the charm of Taichung City
Discover More Wang Chien-Ming
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, August 2007 Issue
July, 2007
How to beat the Summer Heat
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, July 2007 Issue
June, 2007
RIDE 'Is there really anywhere to here?'
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, June 2007 Issue
May, 2007
Eatin', drinkin' and rockin' at the Taichung International Food & Music Festival
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, May 2007 Issue
April, 2007

Treasure hunting at Taichung's specialty markets
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, April 2007 Issue

March, 2007
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, March 2007 Issue
February, 2007

Wallowing towards the Year of the Pig
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, February 2007 Issue

January, 2007
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