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December, 2012
Living the High Life in Taichung
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, December 2012 Issue
From paper to product
Taichung City Christmas and New Year's Eve parties
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, December 2012 Issue
Good-value wines from 'The New World of France'
> Compass Magazine wine connection, December 2012 Issue
Sawdust and Coal Smoke-Retracing Chiayi City's Forestry Roots
> Compass Magazine special feature, December 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
November, 2012
Taichung's Coming Transportation Revolution
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, November 2012 Issue
Walking the traditional Taiwan way: Chen Ren-cheng's clog fashion revolution
'I Love Taiwan' event creates a new Guinness Record
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, November 2012 Issue
Enjoying wines on a budget
> Compass Magazine wine connection, November 2012 Issue
Artistically-inspired ladies footwear dominates this season
> Compass Magazine looking your best, November 2012 Issue
English Service Emblem
> Compass Magazine Special Ad Focus, November 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
October, 2012
'Jazz The Way You Are': The Taichung Jazz Festival marks its 10th year
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, October 2012 Issue
Honoring the gods with deep reverence: Worship cakes
Taiwan Boulevard: Discovering Taichung's past, present and future
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, October 2012 Issue
'Gan Bei': Red Moscato
> Compass Magazine wine connection, October 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
September, 2012
Stars Above Canvas: Camping In Central Taiwan
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, September 2012 Issue
Honoring the gods with deep reverence: Worship cakes
TADA: Central Taiwan's "first" major rock venue
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, September 2012 Issue
Can you ever chill a red wine?
> Compass Magazine wine connection, September 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
August, 2012
Taichung's Foreign artists add color to the 'Culture City'
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, August 2012 Issue
Weaving the future of Atayal Tribal Culture
A Bird's Eye View of Greater Taichung Photography Exhibition
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, August 2012 Issue
Pairing wine with light summer salads
> Compass Magazine wine connection, August 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
July, 2012
Urban farming: Taichung city residents return to the soil
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, July 2012 Issue
A cool breeze in the hot summer
Shaun, a foreigner who loves Taiwan with all his heart
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, July 2012 Issue
A primer to Spain's rich wines
> Compass Magazine wine connection, July 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
June, 2012
The fading, charming legacy of Taiwan's wedding-banquet culture
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, June 2012 Issue
The flowing, echoing sound of the mouth harp
The beautiful, new, state-of-the-art National Taichung Library
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, June 2012 Issue
Mayor Hu shares experience with Malaysia's Pakatan Rakyat (People's Alliance)
New Taichung City Hall atrium wire protective fence offers improved, safer environment for staff and residents
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government Secretariat, June 2012 Issue
Is French wine the best? Yes...and no.
> Compass Magazine wine connection, June 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
May, 2012
2012 Compass Festival gives one of Taichung's favorite festivals a fresh focus
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, May 2012 Issue
Exquisite lacquerware: A father and son's pursuit of lacquer art
Following Calligraphy Greenway for a brand-new Taichung experience
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, May 2012 Issue
Refreshing (and cheap) wines for muggy summers
> Compass Magazine wine connection, May 2012 Issue
Taichung May Festival, May 12 & 13
> Compass Magazine Special Feature, May 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
April, 2012
The Rise of Taichung's New Architectural Style
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, April 2012 Issue
Hard knocks: The Traditional Smithing Business in Taichung
An all-new, healthy meat choice: Waipu Seaweed Pork
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, April 2012 Issue
Of sunsets and sparkling wines: fun, fizz and fruit
> Compass Magazine wine connection, April 2012 Issue
Taichung May Festival, May 12 & 13
> Compass Magazine Special Feature, April 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
March, 2012
Greater Taichung: A Bird-watching Paradise
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, March 2012 Issue
The labor of a lifetime: Jiang A-ben's love for traditional basket weaving
A spring trip in March
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, March 2012 Issue
Wine pairings for popular Taiwanese cuisine
> Compass Magazine wine connection, March 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
February, 2012
Experiencing Central Taiwan's rich indigenous culture
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, February 2012 Issue
'Yangqin' maker Lai Ji-xiang continues his traditional methhds 40 years on
Preparing children for a new semester with arts and culture tours
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, February 2012 Issue
Great wines from the Year of the Dragon--2000
> Compass Magazine wine connection, February 2012 Issue
Lingering on 'La Mere Terre'
> Compass Magazine Special Feature, February 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
January, 2012
Foreigners' Top 10 Taichung Spots
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, January 2012 Issue
Daya district's Zhu Qing-chun Incense Shop
Enjoy the lunar new year without gaining weight
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, January 2012 Issue
Savoring winter's beef stews with a great wine
> Compass Magazine wine connection, January 2012 Issue
Compass Magazine
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