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December, 2015
Exploring Lishan and its indigenous culture
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, December 2015 Issue
A treasure chest of knowledge: National Museum of Natural Science
Working Towards Gender Equality: Respecting Everyone's Rights to Love-Same-sex partners can now register their marital status at Taichung City Council
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, December 2015 Issue
Pairing pizza and red wine
> Compass Magazine wine connection, December 2015 Issue
Keeping a healthy environment Your Body
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, December 2015 Issue
Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung Celebrates 70th Anniversary!
> Compass Magazine Special AD Focus, December 2015 Issue
What was your most awkward dining experience?
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, December 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
November, 2015
Taichung Flower Markets serve resident gardeners
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, November 2015 Issue
Green Classrooms: Tunghai University's Faculty of Music and Fine Arts
Returning to the musical days of youth: Christmas Rock 'N' Roll
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, November 2015 Issue
Young Scotch Distillers make a splash
> Compass Magazine wine connection, November 2015 Issue
Keeping a healthy environment on the go
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, November 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
October, 2015
City cycling fun for all: Enjoying Taichung bike paths
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, October 2015 Issue
Depicting the essence of zen via architecture: Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Temple
2015 Taichung Arts Festival gets ready for a romantic debut
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, October 2015 Issue
A guide to wine and cheese pairings
> Compass Magazine wine connection, October 2015 Issue
How healthy is your home?
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, October 2015 Issue
Keeping your dog cool in Taiwan
> Compass Magazine Pampered Living, October 2015 Issue
September, 2015

Street performers add flavor and fun to People's Park
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, September 2015 Issue
A peaceful hedeaway for cleansing the soul: Dali district's International Bodhisattva Sangha
2015 Taichung International Animation Festival is coming soon! Transforming Taichung into a city of animation
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, September 2015 Issue
Savoring fine wines and moon cakes at Mid-Autumn Festival
> Compass Magazine wine connection, September 2015 Issue
Chiropractors: Getting you back in motion
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, September 2015 Issue
Acupressure for good health & relaxation
> Compass Magazine Pampered Living, September 2015 Issue

August, 2015
Second-Hand Treasures
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, August 2015 Issue
An architectural record of lasting importance: Remembering a tragedy 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan
Tourism to Taichung takes off: New air connections bring visitors to Taichung, Changhua and Nantou
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, August 2015 Issue
The Four Steps of wine Tasting
> Compass Magazine wine connection, August 2015 Issue
Summer swimming pool fun in Taichung
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, August 2015 Issue
Getting clean and relaxed with a bubble bath
> Compass Magazine Pampered Living, August 2015 Issue
July, 2015
Experiencing Taichung's Japanese side
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, July 2015 Issue
Departing from where it all started: Taichung Railway Station
BRT Lane becomes dedicated bus lane to accommodate the public's needs
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, July 2015 Issue
Looking for true love: Pairing wines and night market dining
> Compass Magazine wine connection, July 2015 Issue
Making your smile more beautiful
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, July 2015 Issue
Choosing the right toothpaste
> Compass Magazine Pampered Living, July 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
June, 2015
Dongshi: Mountain Scenery and Hakka culture
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, June 2015 Issue
Art in numerous dimensions: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Multi-functional Pinglin Forest Park officially opens in Taiping District
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, June 2015 Issue
Summer of 2015: American hops & a local craft beer explosion
> Compass Magazine wine connection, June 2015 Issue
Summer sun protection the all-natural way
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, June 2015 Issue
Pet grooming: Helping your furry friend look and feel good
> Compass Magazine Pampered Living, June 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
May, 2015
2015 Compass Taichung International Food & Music Festival
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, May 2015 Issue
Reborn from the rubble of a massive earthquake: The courtyard architectural style of Guang Long Elementary School
Experience a foreign cultural festival!
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, May 2015 Issue
Wine & BBQ: Summer grilling delight
> Compass Magazine wine connection, May 2015 Issue
Top 10 tips for detoxing your home
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, May 2015 Issue
Personalized fashion flair with nail art
> Compass Magazine Pampered Living, May 2015 Issue
Taking photos the old-school way...with film
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, May 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
April, 2015
Reading Taichung: A book-lovers guide to the city
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, April 2015 Issue
Poetic ponderings from a lively city: Xie Wen Tai and his Taichung Literature Museum
The first-ever incentive bonus for stable youth employment
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, Apirl 2015 Issue
Sampling a spectrum of single malt Scotch
> Compass Magazine wine connection, April 2015 Issue
My personal experience: Caring for sensitive skin
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, April 2015 Issue
Huei-lai Archaeological Site
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, April 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
March, 2015
All dogs welcome: Taichung becomes more pet-friendly
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, March 2015 Issue
Dancing hand-in-hand: Using light rays and shadows Architect Tadao Ando's Asia Museum of Modern Art
Keeping our roads even to ensure smooth travels
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, March 2015 Issue
Understanding Aperitifs and Digestifs: The Overture and Finale
> Compass Magazine wine connection, March 2015 Issue
Supporting the visually-impaired with a relaxing massage
Dancing for fitness, fun and good health
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, March 2015 Issue
Shopping with a Twist: Stuff from the Int'l Community
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, March 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
February, 2015
Beautiful scenery & fun times in Tanzi
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, February 2015 Issue
National Library of Public Information: Streamlined architecture that undermines the conventional
Putting an end to avian flu: A race against time
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, February 2015 Issue
Dessert and dessert wines: A sweet pairing
> Compass Magazine wine connection, February 2015 Issue
DIY Probiotics made easy
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, February 2015 Issue
Why should Taichung be Taiwan's capital?
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, February 2015 Issue
Compass Magazine
January, 2015

An interview with Taichung's new mayor, Lin Chia-lung
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, January 2015 Issue
Realizing the beauty of charactrs
Biking together to change the ways we use roads
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, January 2015 Issue
Taiwanese cuisine & wine: Love across borders
> Compass Magazine wine connection, January 2015 Issue
Good results via proper gym equipment use
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, January 2015 Issue
Bringing your moth orchids back to life
> Compass Magazine Pampered Living, January 2015 Issue

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