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December, 2016
New life for Taichung's old buildings
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, December 2016 Issue
Enjoying a classical exploration of southern Taichung: Ataabu (Wufeng)
An all-new educational system for indigenous children
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, December 2016 Issue
Design Trends for 2017
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, December 2016 Issue
Helping expats feel at home in Taichung
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, December 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, December
November, 2016
Sun Moon Lake revisited: New technology meets an old tourist favorite
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, November 2016 Issue
Taichung's treasured Second Market
Rock in Taichung Festival kicks off
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, November 2016 Issue
Introduction to Providence University and Graduate International Program-MBA
> Compass Magazine Special AD Focus, November 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, November
October, 2016
2016 Compass Festival moves to a new location
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, October 2016 Issue
Seeking Taichung's lost ports
Top 10 tourist spots along Dajia River
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, October 2016 Issue
Freedom Men Art Apartments
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, October 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, October
September, 2016
Coastal explorations in Greater Taichung: Miaoli, Taichung and Changhua
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, September 2016 Issue
A reflection of Taichung City's history
National Taichung Theater officially opens
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, September 2016 Issue
Repelling insects naturally and safely
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, September 2016 Issue
Single Malt Scotch: Young is the New Old
> Compass Magazine The Finer Things, September 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, September
August, 2016
Exploring Taichung's Top 'Resto-Road'
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, August 2016 Issue
The nostalgic trip in Ruijing, Dadu
Peli Academy invites all to learn more about a historic Taichung waterway
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, August 2016 Issue
The benefit of dental implants
> Compass Magazine The Good Life, August 2016 Issue
Unique, diverse South African wines
> Compass Magazine The Finer Things, August 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, August
July, 2016
A new look at Taiping: Taichung's Secret Garden
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, July 2016 Issue
Taichung's 5th Market
Sweet samplings at the Taichung International Pastry Festival
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, July 2016 Issue
Getting wine advice from qualified sources
> Compass Magazine wine connection, July 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, July
June, 2016

Comping out in Taihcung's Guguan
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, June 2016 Issue
Urban alley vistas
Foreign workers and immigrants show off their singing skills
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, June 2016 Issue

Compass Magazine, June
May, 2016
Taichung goes Korean
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, May 2016 Issue
Recreating a spacious urban site Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park's R04 Building
A new parking-fee system for the Taichung Railway Station area
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, May 2016 Issue
Italy's famed Montepulciano D'Abruzzo grape
> Compass Magazine wine connection, May 2016 Issue
April, 2016
Injecting fun & Creativity into your life with DIY
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, April 2016 Issue
A concrete psaim of praise and worship: Taiwan Presbyterian Chung-Shiao-Road Church
The grand opening of Peili mobile cafe
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, April 2016 Issue
Italian wines: An introduction
> Compass Magazine wine connection, April 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, April
March, 2016
Fresh explorations of Taichung's coastline
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, March 2016 Issue
A walk of cultural learning: Welcoming rejuvenated Taichung landmarks
Promoting a Smart Ride app for smart transportation '579' Bus Routes open in March
> Compass Magazine Taichung City Government, March 2016 Issue
A full sensory enjoyment of wine
> Compass Magazine wine connection, March 2016 Issue
Facial masks and healthy faces
> Compass Magazine the good life, March 2016 Issue
A bird's eye view: Exploring Taiwan by helicopter
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, March 2016 Issue
February, 2016
A little creative romance for a Taichung Valentine's Day
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, February 2016 Issue
Aperitifs & digestifs: Pre- and post-meal drinking delight
> Compass Magazine wine connection, February 2016 Issue
Ballroom dancing: Relaxing and focusing the body & mind
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, February 2016 Issue
Enjoying Valentine's Day when you're single
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, February 2016 Issue
Compass Magazine, February
January, 2016

Tattooing in Taichung
> Compass Magazine Cover Story, January 2016 Issue
Natural Wine - Wine Nature
> Compass Magazine wine connection, January 2016 Issue
Finding a suit that fits
> Compass Magazine Healthy Living, January 2016 Issue
Taichung hosts its own 'Jurassic Park'
> Compass Magazine Offbeat, January 2016 Issue

Compass Magazine, January
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