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By Lishea Chen Translated by Ann Lee

Red Door Teppanyaki Restaurant

(04) 2254-3358
6, DaFu Street
Hours: 10:30 am-2 pm,5-10 pm (Closed on Chinese New Year's Eve & New Year's Day)
10% service charge.

With over 10 years experience in the teppanyaki business, owners Mr. and Mrs. Guo have formed quite a rapport with their Taichung patrons. At night, the white architecture of Red Door is illuminated, creating a vibrant atmosphere for diners to enjoy 13 types of set meals. The most exquisite meal is the 12-Grade Matsusaka Beef Steak (NT$6,200, a single order is NT$5,500). This superior-quality meat is the best choice for steak lovers. Next comes the 10-Grade Matsusaka Beef Steak, Superior Austrian Beef, and Red Door Tender Chicken (NT$980)—all are teppanyaki dishes. The grade numbers indicate the tenderness level of the meat—the higher the grade, the more tender the meat. A special recommendation is the Rib Eye Steak and Live Lobster (NT$3,590 for two). Fresh French Goose Liver is available in a set or a la carte for NT$3,500. Fresh Canadian oysters and icefish from Antarctica can also be ordered here. Set meals come with Flaming Ice Cream and unlimited beverage refills. Red Door offers a corporate lunch special for NT$520 and easy parking.

Mori Teppanyaki Restaurant

(04) 2310-5145
43, DaYe Rd, 2F
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm,
5:30-10 pm
(Closed on Chinese New Year's Eve, New Year's Day)
10% service charge.

Although it's quite unusual to cook teppanyaki dishes without the use of oil, executive chef Mr. Guo of Mori Teppanyaki Restaurant boasts this very skill. Rather, he skillfully controls the oil released by the meat itself, thus ensuring that each cut of meat maintains its original flavor. He says that there are five ways to cook his meat, depending on the desired texture and taste. The meat is seasoned with three types of salt—Rose Salt from the Himalayas, Mediterranean Salt from France, and Bay Salt from the U.S. Each type provides a different level of saltiness, which enhances each dish appropriately. Beside steaks, Mori offers delicious, fresh and juicy lobster as well as a selection of cold/hot appetizers that differ by the month. Lunch specials start at NT$560. Set meals include: Emperor Crab for two (NT$4,800), Lobster for two (NT$2,980, NT$1,490 for one), and Goose Liver for two (NT$2,800). The Exquisite Set Meal is available for NT$980.

Top Teppanyaki

(04) 2205-8005
333, ZhongMing Rd
Hours: 11 am-2 pm,5:30-10 pm
(open all year)
10% service charge. Valet parking.

Wooden doors and an elegant, palace-like feel make it easy for patrons visiting Top Teppanyaki to think they are nobles attending a sumptuous banquet in a great hall. However, Top offers teppanyaki set-meal and a la carte selections to everyone—not just royalty. The set meal prices here are a bit higher than other restaurants, but the portions are large. A popular choice for two is the French Goose Liver Meal (with 10-ounce Australian Beef for two, NT$6,600). This set meal includes eight items: an appetizer of shrimp and asparagus; a fresh, crispy salad; onion soup; French garlic bread; and large scallops, codfish and prawns (delivered fresh from Penghu). The main course is the Goose Liver, which has quality you can taste. The asparagus and Austrian beef provide a tender, pleasing texture and a sweet, juicy flavor. If you would rather have teppanyaki mid-day, Top offers a business lunch for NT$580.

Las Vegas Teppanyaki

593, YingCai Rd, 2F
(04) 2371-7338, 2371-7358
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 5-10 pm
(Closed on Chinese New Year's Eve, New Year's Day)
10% service charge.

The long-standing Las Vegas Teppanyaki recently downsized their seating capacity to make room for a more spacious dining area. Officially back in business since the end of March, Las Vegas still offers the dishes that have kept them in business for close to 30 years. One of these dishes is the Superior Matsusaka Beef (A-Grade is 12 ounces, NT$6,600/B-Grade is 8 ounces, NT$3,700). The chef recommends the Lobster Set Meal with either Matsusaka Beef (NT$4,200), Australian Beef (NT$2,500), or the U.S. Ribeye Steak (NT$2,000). Executive chef Mr. You is quite skilled at making lobsters and meat. The U.S. Ribeye Steak is flavored with spices and cooked with either a special creamy white sauce or pepper. Their exclusive Mambo Fish Salad includes tasty, slightly-fried garlic. If you go during the day, they offer a business lunch, which is NT$580 for 10 items. Keep your eyes open in April when Las Vegas will have special discounts.

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