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Stone Food Restaurant

Words and translated by Sho Huang

(04) 2375-2465
55, WuQuan W 4th Street
Hours:Mon-Thu 11 am-3 pm, 5-10 pm
Weekends and holidays 11 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. No service charge.

Located on the WuQuan Parkway near the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Stone Food provides not only food that's good for your body, but also good for your soul. This restaurant features a wide variety of delicious Korean cuisine, with each dish carefully calculated in calories. Main courses are presented in stone bowls and the multi-colored vegetables represent the five fundamental elements in our world. The bowls used to hold the food are amphibole, a type of stone not only contains a considerable amount of mineral substances, but also retains heat well.
One of the special dishes is Pabinpap, which means "rice in a stone bowl" in Korean (NT$200, with soup, fruit, kimchi and drink), with a total of 600 calories. This dish is tasty and artistic, with five different colors of vegetables and an organic egg beside the main courses. With it comes a choice of shrimp, teriyaki chicken, pork, beef, eel, and vegetarian selections. Another highly recommended dish is Konjac Noodles (NT$180/ 270 calories). This is a well-known, Japanese jelly-like food and comes with your choice of mushrooms, beef, pork and Kimchi. Konjac is known for being low-calorie and fiber-rich.

The drink list is also extensive at Stone Food. One of the most popular beverages is the Health Tea (NT$160), which has an abundance of freshly-brewed Chinese herbs. Other choices, such as Ginseng Tea, Lavender Tea and Rose Tea, are also popular.
Ms. Jian, the owner, is extremely interested in exploring inner energy and even provides interesting courses for children and adults in the space right underneath the restaurant. Courses offered in the downstairs workshop include yoga, belly dancing, breathing exercises, singing, a book club, and opera appreciation. Ms. Jian also leads meditation every morning. She welcomes everyone to visit her blog at: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/christy8886.

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