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Crescent Phoenix

Crescent Phoenix

(037) 875-570
1-3, Sheng Shing, 9th Community, Sheng Shing Village, Sanyi Township,
Miaoli County
Hours: 11:30 am-9 pm
Most credit cards accepted. 10% service charge. Parking lot.

Located on the outskirts of Miaoli county's Sanyi woodcarving town, Crescent Phoenix is a sister to Taichung's well-known Le Jardin de Giverny, Santorini, Shanghai 1924 and Moment in Peking restaurants. This very large modern Chinese restaurant has an old-meets-new decor that includes a glass-wall facade, dark wood tables, rough concrete pillars, high ceilings and a repeated red Chinese hibiscus flower theme adding touches of color all over. The broad lawn outside is surrounded by tables and has a fire pit where, every night, diners are invited to roast mushrooms. Head Chef Hsu Ping-gui says that the extensive menu is a mix of brand-new Chinese fusion dishes and items from Shanghai 1924 and Moment in Peking. New selections include the nicely-presented, savory Salmon with Truffles and Green Sauce (NT$320) and Tofu with Black Bean Sauce (NT$200). Other pleasing, representative dishes include Crab Egg with Tofu Served in Hot Pot (NT$260), Shrimp Balls with Wasabi (NT$300), and Shrimp Rolls with Dragon Mustache (NT$320). There are also many dim sum, dumpling and Chinese cake selections, plus various coffees fruit teas and alcohol. NT$320 lunch/dinner sets are available on non-holiday weekdays, and there are NT$7,000-10,000 10-person table sets. Large events, dinners and gatherings are welcome. On Sanyi's main road, turn at the 7-11 and cross over the freeway, continue straight a few hundred meters, turn right at the T intersection, and it's just up the road. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Ann Lee


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