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Traveler Kitchen Germany-style

Traveler Kitchen Germany-style

Traveler Kitchen Germany-style

Traveler Kitchen Germany-style

Traveler Kitchen Germany-style

By Pei Zhen Translated by Ann Lee

(04) 2326-6469
412-1, HuaMei St
Hours:11:30 am-10 pm
Closed last Mon of the month.
Credit cards not accepted.
10% service charge.

Traveler Kitchen is a German-style restaurant with a fun atmosphere and lots of hand-crafted decor. The servers here dress like fairytale characters, which only adds to the castle-like feel of the place. The three lovely ladies that run this place--Fish, Inny and Snapple, share a common passion for traveling and started Traveler Kitchen after a trip to Germany.

Besides the beautifully, handmade decorative German street scenes, the three women have also created a traveler's bookstore, a cozy kitchen, and dining areas with various themes and styles. Near the entrance, a festive floral carriage carries cute, animated tin soldiers and dolls, which the owners brought back from Germany. The bookstore's shelves are full of travel books from different countries around the world. What's more, the restaurant gives away a hand-painted postcard to each person that eats here. After you write something on the postcard, you can put it in the mailbox, and the restaurant staff will send it off to friends anywhere in the world!

When many people think of Germany, they inevitably think of Oktoberfest, which in turn calls to mind a mustachioed, lederhosen-clad man with a wurst in one hand and an impossibly large beer stein in the other. Sans the leather pants and facial hair, meat and beer is exactly what you'll find at Traveler Kitchen. They recommend the Meat Combo (for two, NT$850), which is a German Pig's Knuckle accompanied by grilled chicken breast, roasted lamb chops, and chicken wings. The pig's knuckle comes with slightly sour mustard dressing that goes well with the juicy meat.

Other popular dishes here include the Vienna Cheese Pork Steak (NT$360), a thick pork chop, topped with cheese and bacon, and fried to a golden crisp. This chop is full of yummy herbs and spices, as is most of the food here. It turns out Inny is quite a spice expert. The Pork Steak is also served with marinated peaches and sweet sauce and, of course, a southern Germany favorite, potatoes.

Also, while you're here, don't forget about the beer! Try one of their specialties--the Bitburger Premium Pils (big NT$200, small NT$170). If you like fruity drinks, try their Wernesgruner Lemon Beer (NT$170), which comes in mango or peach.

Traveler Kitchen Germany-style Traveler Kitchen Germany-style

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