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The Shanghai Veggie Rice
(NT$190) is made with the
freshest ingredients and crispy
Chinese bok choy for a
refreshing taste. The slightly
burnt rice on the bottom of
the pot brings out the unique
flavors in the veggies and the
meat. This is one of the top
orders here.

Thai-Style Curry Chicken


Feng Zhuan 1999

By Frida Translated by Ann Lee

(04) 2473-5880
712-2, XiangXin S Rd
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm; 5:30-9:30 pm (all years round)
10% service charge. Parking available.
Credit cards accepted.
Minimum NT$200/person.

Feng Zhuan, located next to Taichung Feng-Le Sculpture Park, is a restaurant where diners can enjoy warming rays of sunshine through the large French windows and charming night views along with their meal. Some of the most popular dishes at Feng Zhuan 1999 are Braised Hua-diao Chicken, Prime Rib Steak, and Braised Crucian Carp with Scallions.

The chefs here often create new menu items to keep their evenings interesting and delicious. Braised Beef and Buns in Tomato Broth (NT$380) is one of the chefs' newest creations; the expertly handled beef comes out tangy but not sticky with the best possible texture. The chefs then tear the buns (a classic bread from northern China) into small pieces and drop them into the rich tomato stock to absorb its sweet flavors. The end product is quite nice and balanced.

The chefs here not only have expertise in Chinese cuisine but also learned in Bangkok how to cook authentic Thai dishes, which they then modified to suit the Taiwanese palate. Siam Cold Seafood Platter (NT$340), Thai-style Curry Chicken (NT$340), Chicken Cutlets with Hot Pepper, and Fried Prawn Cakes are just a few of the many Thai-inspired dishes at Feng Zhuan 1999. Customers also get to choose from meal sets and combo choices on the menu. If you feel like getting your health kick for the day, then try their Vegetable & Fruit Juice (NT$80), made with purple cabbage, apples, pineapple and oranges.

豐饌1999 豐饌1999

Left: Braised Beef and Buns in Tomato Broth
Right: The Siam Cold Seafood Platter (NT$340), made with dried squid, jumbo shrimp and other chilled seafood ingredients, is served with a slightly sweet and spicy dressing. This is the ideal way to enjoy a cold plate of seafood.

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