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Zun Pin Zhan

Zun Pin Zhan

Zun Pin Zhan

By Lishea Zheng  Translated by Ann Lee

(04) 2255-8110
61, HuiZhong Rd, Sec 2
Hours: 10 am-2 pm, 5-9:30 pm
10% service charge.
Credit cards accepted.
Parking lot available.

Dun Pin Zhan is located on the corner of HueiChung and WenXin roads. When it first opened, the owners were selling all sorts of stewed dishes, but during the last two years, they've added more Chinese dishes that have an exotic flair. Since they've diversified their menu, the restaurant has attracted a larger clientele and enjoyed a steady flow of customers.

When you enter the restaurant, the staff will start you off with a nice cup of Momordica Fruit Tea (Luohan Guo). While sipping the tea, you can peruse the menu and see choices like the popular Shishamo Fish with Vinegar (NT$168)). This creative dish has a Japanese twist and is made with crispy fried fish that are soaked in apple vinegar and lemon juice for three hours. If you like beef, then try the Diced Beef Fillet with Abalone Mushrooms (NT$288) or their signature Pig's Knuckle with Garlic, with or without a side of rice.

Matsusaka Pork with Garlic & Peppers (NT$208) and Grilled Eel with Mustard Sauce (NT$208) are favorites among regulars. The eel comes with Chinese Yam Salad and a layer of egg wrapped on the bottom, which is quite an interesting combination. Another dish, the vibrantly-colored Mango Calamari (NT$198) mixes ingredients like asparagus and red peppers. Even something as simple as their bowl of rice (NT$15) is made from quality rice from Luye township in Taitung.

In the menu, the "Chef's Recommendation" section is a collection of dishes that can be custom made to fit customers' tastes. These dishes vary every two to three months and contain seasonal ingredients. The owners recommend coming around Chinese New Year to enjoy their specially-prepared set meals. Also, because the restaurant sometimes gets crowded, they recommend that you make a reservation ahead of time.

※ All pictures and prices are for small-portion dishes.

Zun Pin Zhan Zun Pin Zhan
Left: Grilled Eel with Mustard Sauce (NT$208) is made with juicy grilled eel, Chinese Yam Salad and eggs.

Right: Mango Calamari (NT$198) is a refreshing dish that's filled with crunchy vegetables.

Zun Pin Zhan Zun Pin Zhan
Left: Shishamo Fish with Vinegar (NT$168) is first fried and then soaked for three hours in the chef's specially-prepared sauce, which is made with soy sauce, onions, ginger, apple vinegar and lemon juice.

Right: The Diced Beef Fillet with Abalone Mushrooms (NT$288) is fresh and juicy.

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