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Menu-less Japanese-style eateries--Odengaku, Edogawa, Mo-Mo Taro Restaurant, Chiou Yueh



(04) 2328-7273
93, DaDun 17th St
Hours: 5:30-12 pm
closed Mondays
10% service charge.
Credit cards acceted.
Access to parking lot (behind Sinon Supermarket).

During the cold months in Japan, it's common to see street vendors with cloth signs selling various kinds of oden. In Taichung, the owner of Odengaku Da-Bing has turned his eatery into a classy Japanese-style oden house. Here, you can find an array of creative dishes made with the fresh and rare seasonal ingredients, unlike the usual oden dishes you find elsewhere. --By Niang Chen, translated by Ann Lee

A: The oden is first simmered for several hours and then stored in the freezer for five days, which allows ingredients like Daikon Radish to fully absorb the soy sauce and kelp stock. Also, look for handmade squid balls and seaweed balls, which are made with fresh squid and pork, respectively. Matsusaka Oden, the owner's specialty, is made with quality Matsusaka pork and then mixed with sardines and curry powder. Each ingredient you want to add is NT$50.

B: The current Seasonal Assorted Sashimi selections include Pacific Saury (Sanma), Silver Pomfret, Mackerel, and Bigfin Reef Squid. Each plate (NT$30-35) has two pieces.

C: For a traditional oden dish, try the steamy beef tendons (NT$180 each), which are braised with red miso paste.

Odengaku Odengaku Odengaku



(04) 2327-4327
85, DaYe Rd
Hours: 5:30-11:30 pm
closed Sundays
10% service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.

Credibility and communication is how the manager of Edogawa, Mr. Lin, runs his dainty Japanese eatery. He offers a variety of fresh, seasonal dishes, including favorites like Donggong Tuna, Penghu Reef Fin Squid, King Oyster Mushrooms from Sinshe, and Hokkaido Scallops. These excellent-quality ingredients are cooked with simple methods; you can get your selection charcoal-grilled with salt, stir-fried or sliced into sashimi. Another popular dish here is the Baby Fish Congee with Stir-fried Clams (NT$120). Generally, each customer can expect to pay around NT$800 to NT$1,000 for their meal. --By Niang Chen, translated by Ann Lee

A: The restaurant interior is simple and comfortable. Along with the staff's professional service, Edogawa aims to make its dishes with meticulous attention to detail, to help ingredients retain original flavors.

B: Japanese He-Feng Style Raw Beef (NT$280) is a dish made with southern Taiwan beef. Chefs grill the meat for a few minutes, then slice it into thin pieces. Eat it with chopped onions, a bit of garlic and a dip of specially-made He-Feng dressing.

C: Japanese Jack Mackerel Nigiri-Zushi (about NT$80) is made fresh with quality fish and is a chef's special.

Edogawa Edogawa Edogawa


Mo-Mo Taro Restaurant

12, Lane 233, MinQuan Rd
(near the corner of TaichungGang Rd)
(04) 2301-3580
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm,
5:30-9:30 pm
10% service charge.
Credit cards accepted.
Parking lot available.

The team of experienced chefs at Mo-Mo Taro creates quality seasonal dishes daily. Of course serving, sumptuous main course meals is the basic idea here, but the chefs also pay attention to the smaller details; even their desserts and soup dishes are presented wonderfully. Business lunch sets start at NT$680 during the week; dinner starts at NT$1,000. --By Niang Chen, translated by Ann Lee

A: Like an idyllic Arcadia, Mo-Mo Taro is surrounded with pine trees and has a carp pond, waterfalls and bamboo curtains. The classy Japanese design and low-key black color scheme are relaxing accompaniments to a fine meal.

B: The Business Lunch Set includes three appetizers, such as Avocado with Rice, Seasonal Mushrooms with Truffle Sauce, Sushi with Eel & Eggs, Shark's Fin in Egg Custard, and Prawn Stuffed Spring Rolls. Main courses include the choice of an Assorted Sushi Combo or Grilled Tuna Jaw, as well as a fruit plate and Green Tea Mousse for dessert.

C: The Caterpillar Sushi (NT$260) is a creative dish that requires skilled knife control to make. The crunchy Seaweed Sushi is wrapped with eel, dried meat floss, cucumbers and avocado.

Mo-Mo Taro Restaurant Mo-Mo Taro Restaurant Mo-Mo Taro Restaurant


Chiou Yueh

(04) 2313-6618
97-2, ZhongQing Rd
57, TianShui W 3rd St, Xitun Dist.
Hours: 6 pm-1 am
No service charge.
Credit cards accepted.

Chiou Yueh offers no menu to their customers, not even at the bar where they sit closest to the chefs. It does provide guests with a range of Japanese-style grilled foods, however, so if you are a fan of delicately prepared dishes, then give this place a visit. Chiou Yueh's owner, Ms. Fan, likes to get chatty with her customers and remembers their previous orders, even if they haven't visited in a long time. The variety of Japanese-style dishes here includes cold dishes, as well as grilled, fried, braised and steamed selections. You can expect to pay about NT$1,000 per person and enjoy seven or eight different dishes. --By Niang Chen, translated by Ann Lee

A: Clean, retro-style tables and chairs contrast old trees in the middle of the restaurant, providing a serene and natural dining environment for guests. An antique Japanese clock on the wall adds even more character.

B: The flavorful Steamed Vegetables (NT$260) consist of various seasonal vegetables and sour/salty Tarako salad dressing.

C: Steamed Goby (NT$700-800), made with just a bit of fish sauce, is a tender, sweet fish choice.

Chiou Yueh Chiou Yueh Chiou Yueh


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