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Ba Dou Shi Fu

Ba Dou Shi Fu

Ba Dou Shi Fu

Ba Dou Shi Fu

Ba Dou Shi Fu mixes creativity with tradition

By Jasmine Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Tracy Du

(04) 2326-3322
162, DaGuang St
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 5-10 pm
(closed lunar new year eve)
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

Located on a busy corner of GongYi Road, Ba Dou Shi Fu is affiliated with Taichung's Marijuana teahouse chain, and uses lanterns, calligraphy and wooden furniture to create its traditional Chinese ambiance.

The menu lists a combination of delicacies from various parts of China and popular Hakka, Cantonese and Japanese-style dishes. Guests have a lot to choose from, from set table meals designed for big groups to a la carte dishes and individual meal sets. Dishes like Preserved Radish with Eggs and Fried Tofu and the restaurant's 31 proprietary-recipe dishes are made with simple yet flavorful ingredients and choices of beef, chicken, seafood and fish.

Diners can also sample soups specially prepared with Chinese medicinal ingredients, as well as seasonal vegetables and desserts. As you savor all these wonderful regional delicacies, enjoy the restaurant's exclusively-made plum juice and roselle tea, or other beverage choices like soda and beer.

Individual set meals come with an appetizer, main course and dessert, plus either rice, thin noodles or fried rice. Appetizer options include either Japanese-style Cabbage Slices with Sesame, Japanese-style hot-boiled dishes, Steamed Egg with Clams, chef's soup of the day, and a refreshing fruity vinegar drink.

Ba Dou Shi Fu's brilliant chefs have some exclusive delicacies to choose from. The Roasted Chicken Slices with Cucumber and Vinegar Sauce is made from indigenous chicken and has an invigorating texture perfect for any occasion. Another popular dish, Crispy Pork with Preserved Vegetables, was inspired by the well-known German delicacy. Chefs use quality pig knuckles and fry them until they are crunchy before serving them with homemade preserved vegetables and an exceptional Japanese-style vinegar sauce. The chil and garlic used in the dipping sauce for this dish has a unique flavor unlike anything you've tasted before.

Other well-liked, unique dishes include the Three-Cups Stinky Tofu, prepared with a dressing consisting of soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine and ginger; or the Stir-fried Calamari with Garlic, a common Hakka-style dish served on a sizzling iron plate that keeps things warm and flavorful.

The chefs excel at implementing their principle of mixing old menu favorites with new, creative cooking concepts to offer innovative dishes. This helps guarantee this restaurant will remain a fresh destination that combines an extraordinary dining experience with the best traditions of tasty cooking.

Ba Dou Shi Fu Ba Dou Shi Fu

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