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Feng Ming Shan


Feng Ming Shan


Feng Ming Shan

123, ZhongCheng St
(corner of HuaMei St)
(04) 2326-8960
Hours: 12 pm-12 am
10% service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.

If you have an interest in the Chinese classical masterpiece "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", make your way to Feng Ming Shan. Chinese opera plays throughout this restaurant and traditional banners hang everywhere. Uniquely-named dishes here include Jingzhou Pork Intestines (NT$120), Jie Ting Stewed Pork Ballin Brown Sauce (NT$90), and Linghua Beef Chuck Short Ribs Kebab (NT$120). Each staff member here has a nickname taken from characters in the Chinese tale, such as Kong Ming, Zhao Zi-long, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, and serves you with a toy sword strapped to their back. The tables are also equipped with a bell, should you need to summon them. --By Niang Chen, translated by Ann Lee

A. Some dishes that should not be missed include the Kylin Pot and Braised Kebabs in Clay Pot. When ordering this dish, each customer gets their own hot pot with some base ingredients, costing a minimum NT$80 each. The Braised Kebabs come with different meat varieties like beef, lamb, pork and chicken, and are braised in a clay pot of the kind used in ancient times to cook rice. Another great dish is the Grilled Pork Kebab with Pepper and Garlic (NT$90), served with some complimentary preserved vegetables. The Linghua Beef Chuck Short Ribs Kebab's top-quality beef is roasted on a grill until tender and juicy, and is served with crunchy lettuce. The Yunmongzhe White Shrimp (NT$90) are grilled and dipped in a white truffle sauce which gives off a strong, tangy truffle smell and enhances the shrimp flavor. The Fancy Dragon Clams (NT$120) are a popular choice, while the tasty, warm Poyang Fish and Crap Meat Porridge is complimentary for all diners.

B. While serving the Kylin Pot dish, the staff shout out, "When Kylin appears, the world is at peace!" Cooked with beef/lamb/chicken bones and about 30 other spices and ingredients, this creamy soup pot dish also comes with base ingredients like dried bean slices, tofu and cabbage, and has an interesting slightly sour and spicy flavor. Other recommended dishes include Tender Lamb Shoulders on Grill (NT$120), Huanggang Beef Shank Jelly (NT$120), Jie Ting Stewed Pork Ballin Brown Sauce (NT$90) and Tunjun Tong Hao (NT$90).

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