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Hiramasa Japanese Reataurant


Hiramasa Japanese Reataurant


Hiramasa Japanese Reataurant

91, ChangPing Rd, Sec 1
(corner of TianJin Rd)
(04) 2232-1455
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Parking available.

The owner of Hiramasa Japanese Restaurant, Dong Ming-Fa, may be a young, 40-year-old fellow, but he has close to 30 years of cooking experience. His new restaurant is based on a passion for cooking and eating Japanese cuisine. Chef Dong prepares each dish with a full understanding of each ingredient's specific characteristics, striving to offer simple, yet authentic, flavors to his guests. This dedication carries over from a simple Japanese-style rice set (from NT$60) to fancier dishes like the Seafood Hot Pot (NT$500-600). Chef's special menu meals cost only NT$300 or NT$500 and are made with fresh, daily-delivered ingredients, mixed and matched to provide new, creative dishes to diners for very affordable prices. On weekdays, a range of table-course meals are available if you want to dine here for a party or gathering. --By Niang Chen, translated by Ann Lee

A. The Weekday Set Meal (NT$130) consists of a choice from three main-course options of grilled fish, fried shrimp, or sashimi. The meal also comes with Steamed Salmon and Rice, or Fried Rice with Scallops. For appetizers, customers get to choose from a range of seasonal, delicately-prepared dishes, as well as steamed egg with seafood, miso soup, a dessert dish and fruit. Discounted from NT$180, this is a great way to sample a traditionally-prepared Japanese meal.

B. Nigiri Sushi (NT$220), Dobin Mushi (Soup in Tea Pot/NT$80), and Fried Shrimp Wrapped with Romaine Lettuce (NT$100). The sushi dish is topped with freshly-sliced sashimi pieces and flavored with soy sauce. The soup includes added dried bonito (fish) pieces, seaweed and mushrooms, while the shrimp dish has mayonnaise inside the wrap, along with crunchy lettuce, for a refreshing texture and flavor.

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