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Pizza Buena

Pizza Buena

Pizza Buena

Pizza Buena

Pizza Buena

Pizza Buena

Pizza Buena dishes up Latin specialties

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Ann Lee

206, MeiCun (MeiTsun) Rd, Sec 1
(04) 2302-8083 (for delivery service)
Hours: 11 am-10 pm
No service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.

Driving along MeiCun Road, you'd be forgiven for failing to notice Pizza Buena, a cozy little place barely two arm-spans wide. However, missing it would be a shame because its unusually broad spectrum of cuisine from across the Latin world is truly worth trying.

Despite its name, Pizza Buena is much more than a pizza joint, although pizza is a very big part of what it offers. Two friends, Vigi Yu teamed up over a year ago to open this 30-seat, two-floor place, decorated in sunny yellow colors. According to Yu, the main idea was to offer diners pizza by the slice, as opposed to the the large full pizzas that well-known chains sell. Their variety of about 10 different big 18-inch, thin-crust pizzas are rich with imported ingredients and fresh (not frozen) veggies, with recipes inspired by the owners' time traveling and living abroad. As Yu notes, you won't find any corn, kimchi or other bizarre ingredients on her pizzas.

Pizza varieties include stand-outs like the healthy Spinach with White Sauce (NT$95/slice, NT$570/whole), piled with spinach and broccoli, covered with a creamy, non-cheese sauce. Other options include the spicy Chili Ground Beef (NT$100/600); the pesto, chicken and mushroom covered Boston (NT$95/570), or Argentina (NT$90/540) with tomato, egg and ham toppings. Walk into Pizza Buena and grab a slice or two from the pizzas displayed inside a glass case, create a whole pizza with a variety of slices, or order a pizza from the menu (50/50 combinations available). A slice includes a soft drink (all-you-can-drink for dine-in) and a 1.25-liter bottle for a whole take-out pizza. If that wasn't encouragement enough, there's a buy-one-get-one free slice deal from 3 to 5 and 9 to 10 p.m., pending availability.

Thanks to the fact that partner Lin is an overseas Chinese from Argentina, the eatery also offers Empanadas (NT$45), little fragrant, meat-filled turnovers that are baked Argentina-style (versus frying in other Latin countries). Moving even further across the Latin world, there is Spanish Paella (NT$290/single portion, NT$500/double) and Fideua (a baked pasta version of paella) introduced to the owners by a chef from Spain's embassy in China. Other items include some pastas, chocolate brownies, salad and soup.

There are 10% discounts for take-away and orders of at least NT$500 can be delivered (within the WenXin/WuQuan/TaiZhongGang roads radius). Whether you're just a little hungry, or feeding a ravenous group of friends, Pizza Buena has plenty of wholesome, delicious options.

Pizza Buena Pizza Buena

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