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Sommelier Meal & Cafe


Sommelier Meal & Cafe


Sommelier Meal & Cafe

(04) 2291-9975
220, WenXin Rd, Sec 4
Hours: 7:30 am-10 pm; afternoon tea 2-5 pm
Credit cards not accepted. 10% service charge.

Some people may already be familiar with this French bistro, located in the Donghai (Art Street) shopping area. Now, a second branch has opened along the bustling WenXin Road. Restaurant owner Ericx aims to continue offering the same quality standards, facilities and food to his customers at this new branch, for an elegant French dining experience. "We recommend that people take time when tasting our dishes," says the owner, who has years of experience in the hotel industry, and definitely knows how to provide the ultimate service. Ericx has invested a great amount of money to importing German Ritzenhoff tableware and the popular Japanese tea brand Lupicia to his restaurant. Despite the cost, he notes, "I won't allow myself to serve customers with things that are just mediocre to me." With that in mind, rest assured that Ericx will make sure you enjoy top-end treatment during any visit to Sommelier for a few drinks or food. Besides the teas and coffees here, the liquors are also very popular and include quality wines and sparkling wines. There is also breakfast (from NT$120), which includes a salad dish, ham, bread, milk and tea or coffee. Set meals range from NT$270 to NT$550. --Written and translated by Natasha Lee

A. This set meal includes a salad, puff pastry soup, beverage and dessert. There are eight different main course choices and starters vary according to the season. Pictured are the French-Style Lamb Shoulders Steak with Garlic Sauce, and Garlic Flavor Pork Rib with Pate de Foie Gras sauce.

B. The decor here is simple yet refreshing, with red and white highlights.

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