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Summer Japanese BBQ


Summer Japanese BBQ


Summer Japanese BBQ


Summer Japanese BBQ

(04) 2252-2711
117, HuiZhong Rd, Sec 1
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 6 pm-12am
11:30-12 am/open all day weekends
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Parking available.

The owners of Aqua Restaurant have transformed an adjacent space originally planned as a "Summer House" to create this new establishment, offering Japanese-style barbecue dishes. This is the first Japanese barbecue and bar of its kind in Taichung, offering patrons an all-new option for drinking and dining. The menu here is mainly a la carte dishes, with around a dozen beef choices such as Slightly Fatty Beef, Beef Ribs, and U.S. Prime Beef. You can order as many items as you want, and other choices include lamb, pork, seafood and vegetables--all available for your grill as part of a tasty meal. The restaurant's comfy sofa areas help create a nice lounge bar-like mood. Also try a glass of the special house mixed drink, named "Hong Chao", made with cranberry juice and vodka, a nice complement to your barbecue experience at this classy establishment. --By Ann Li, translated by Ann Lee

A. Customers sitting at the bar enjoy VIP-grade service--instead of grilling the food themselves, the staff does all the cooking.

B. On weekdays, the restaurant serves business set lunches (NT$299/399). Choices include the Seafood Set Meal, generous enough to feed two with a combination of fresh ingredients like Canadian oysters, Norwegian salmon, fatty beef slices, beef ribs and seasonal vegetables. Each table also comes with a pot of seaweed and dried bonito (fish) soup, which for some diners helps to remove the greasiness of the meal they just enjoyed.

C. A popular a la carte dish, the Korean-Style Fatty Pork and Lettuce Roll (NT$160) comes with a unique dressing, and the Korean kimchi (preserved spicy cabbage) gives a slightly sour and spicy flavor to the tasty pork roll. Also try the Indigenous Chicken in Pepper Sauce (NT$120), served with black pepper on the side and some tangerine-flavored soy sauce.

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