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Yoo Ga Ne Korean Restaurant


Yoo Ga Ne Korean Restaurant


Yoo Ga Ne Korean Restaurant

282-2, GongYi Rd
(04) 2320-8449
Hours: 10:30 am-2:30 pm, 5-11 pm
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Parking available.

Yoo Ga Ne Korean Restaurant, a new addition along busy Gongyi Road, is not hard to notice, thanks to its large two-floor building. This establishment is owned and operated by a pair of siblings from Korea, guaranteeing you'll savor some very authentic Korean dishes here. Surprisingly, the menu does not include some very common Korean-style dishes like the Korean-Style Barbecued Meats or Copper Pot Grilled Meats. However, you may want to try out the Dakabi, Teppanyaki-Style Fried Rice, and Korean-Style Noodles, among the most popular dishes recommended by the owners. Other unique menu items include Sizzling Rice Soup, and Soju (Korean-style sake). --By Vincent Huang, translated by Ann Lee

A. Dakabi comes in three varieties--the Signature Dakabi, Seafood Dakabi. and Pork Dakabi (NT$200-220). This dish is made by placing a chicken drumstick, vegetables and sticky rice cake in a pot, adding some fried rice (NT$50), then stir-frying it with an authentic Korean-style sauce and cheese. The presentation and texture bear a similarity to Western-style baked au gratin rice dishes. If you are not a fan of rice, you can also replace it with ramen (Japanese-style noodles) or chilled noodles (NT$50).

B. Mixed Vegetables with Korean-Style Noodles (NT$200) are prepared with special buckwheat noodles called soba, imported from Korea. Served with mixed seasonal vegetables, it also comes with a generous portion of crab meat, ham and Korean-style pickled vegetables. The addition of QQ sauce gives it a slightly spicy, yet sour, flavor that is quite appetizing. The Korean-Style Grilled Egg Pancakes (NT$200) are another great dish to try. The dough used in this dish is hand-rolled by the chefs themselves, together with Korean, imported green onions. Be sure to dip the pancakes in a specially-prepared sauce made with white sesame soy sauce, a true Korean delicacy not to be missed.

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