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A piece of bread is put in the
pot to soak up the broth--
delicious and original!


By Ann Li
Translated by Sho Huang

(04) 2206-9198
383, WuQuan Rd
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 5-10 pm
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
Parking available.

From simple set meals to high-end delicacies, Adobiki provides wide ranges of food choices. As a result, you can enjoy exactly whaterver you want, whether you come alone or with a group of friends. The restaurant has been renovated with bamboo curtain and wooden partitions separating rooms to provide a private, comfortable dining atmosphere and there is seating for a total of 60 guests, including two tatami rooms available for six more more people.

Adobiki has been around for a very long time, starting out in 1948 as a small shop in an alley off Electronics Street near LuChuan W. St. This family-run establishment has a long history of drawing faithful, returning Japanese diners, which is what "adobiki" means. Attracting regular customers is the long menu with all sorts of delicious Japanese dishes, designed for groups or individuals.

Any typical Japanese dish you crave can be found here, such as its well-known set meals, sushi, eel dishes, and fried pork chops. Hand-rolls, Japanese salads, steamed eggs, fried mushrooms, miso soup, rice, Haagen-Dazs ice cream and tea or coffee are included with any meal you order for only NT$300. Simple dishes like Salmon Fried Rice or U-Dong Noodles also include salad, a tofu side dish, miso soup and tea/coffee.

If that weren't enough, there are also about eight kinds of sake to choose from, with NT$100 extra charged if you prefer to bring your own liquor. Thanks to its great value and comfortable seating arrangements, not to mention its excellent food, this place is perfect for familes and other groups.

adobiki adobiki
Left: Pork Rib Set Meal (NT$180)--A traditional house dish. You can taste all the savory spices in these ribs, which are marinated,
deep fried and stewed.

Right: Assorted Sashimi (NT$290)--fresh tuna, swordfish and salmon wrapped with onions and dipped in soy sauce and mustard.

adobiki adobiki
Left: Romaine Lettuce Prawn (NT$150)--Prawn coated with flour, deep fried and served with Romaine lettuce and apples, dipped in thousand island dressing.
Milk Miso Hot Pot (NT$380)--Fresh fish bone, turnips and seasonal vegetables are used to create a miso sauce, then boiled up with fresh milk and apples for a pot of lovely broth. When served, butter is melted into the pot filling the air with a lovely fragrance.

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