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La Bretagne

La Bretagne

La Bretagne

La Bretagne
Provence Tomato Crab Baked
Perch Filet Steak (NT$480) is a
Mediterranean-style dish with
the main ingredient being sea
bass. Chefs soak the fish in red
wine sauce, then saute it with
clams and fresh tomato sauce.
Slightly bitter watercress is
also added to this dish and
seasoned with a few drops of
tangerine juice for a tantalizing
overall flavor.

Rustic Continental charm at La Bretagne

By Ann Li
Translated by Sho Huang

63, WuQuan (WuChuan) W 4th St
(04) 2378-0489
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-10 pm
10% service charge.
Credit cards accepted.

La Bretagne offers a variety of excellent cuisine from southern France and other European regions. Its Gothic-style colored glass windows, arched corridors and a wide variety of decorative knickknacks, including delicate Dutch dolls placed in different corners, allow customers dine in a laid-back, cozy atmosphere.

Friendly restaurant manger Xiao-jing explains La Bretagne mainly serves French country-style dishes, provided as meal sets instead of a la carte. The variety includes steaks, lamb chops, seafood and pig knuckles, all attentively prepared in very generous portions, with prices ranging from NT$580 to NT$850. The lighting and musical changes that occur during different dining hours allow customers to enjoy a truly pleasing French-style dining experience.

La Bretagne La Bretagne

Left: Pan-Roasted Mushroom Terrine Chicken Steak (NT$380) is smeared with pate and a tasty sauce made with a red wine and black pepper base. The chicken used to make this dish is roasted and diners get to enjoy both a chicken breast and drumstick with this dish.
Right: La Bretagne's Pancake with Hazelnut Ice Cream (NT$120)

La Bretagne La Bretagne

Left: Pay an extra NT$120 to get bread rolls that come with a set meal. These are offered in three varieties--Italian spice, French crispy and Japanese green tea & cream (mocha), and are not only freshly made by hand, but also oven-baked after you order them. The best part is that you get to choose from several toppings and dipping sauces--pure olive oil, red wine vinegar, cappuccino coffee cream and Parmesan cheese.
Right: French Chicken Shredded Mushroom Soup (NT$180) Braised at slow heat, this soup has a clear texture and is mixed with tender chicken and wild mushrooms. It exudes a naturally-savory flavor and has a smooth aftertaste.

La Bretagne La Bretagne

Left: Tomato Basil & Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese Salad (NT$220) This classic Italian appetizer is served with rich, aromatic Mozzarella cheese and fresh, vibrantly-red tomato slices imported from Holland. Finally, it is sprinkled with a unique pesto (basil and pine nut) dressing to whet your appetite for the sumptuous meal ahead.
Right: "Dumpling", the restaurant owner's dog, is a pleasant companion for La Bretagne's guests.

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