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Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles

Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles

Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles
The Signature Beef Noodle
Soup (NT$160) comes with big
chunks of beef and a flavorful

Sun's Shandong Family-Style NoodlesNoodles with Soybean Paste
(NT$90, served with Egg Soup)
with added cucumber slices is
a popular choice among
regulars at Sun's noodle shop.

Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles: 'The God of Noodles'

By Marlene
Translated by Ann Lee

47-7, ShuangShi Rd, Sec 2
(corner of ShuangShi Rd/JingNan St, opposite Confucius Temple)
(04) 2224-9374
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-8 pm

Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles has been around for 28 years. Although the owners never really spent much on advertising or promotions, this noodle shop has gained fame as "The God of Noodles" and plenty of business over the years by customer word-of-mouth alone.

Owner Mr. Sun creates his tasty dishes from years of noodle-making experience that has left him with valuable knowledge about the "perfect ratio" between water and flour. The result is noodles that, after boiling, are solid and chewy, just the way his customers like them. Every day, Sun hand-rolls fresh dough and insists that perfect-tasting noodles should not be left uncooked for more than 30 minutes after they are made, lest they exceed their "golden savoring period". Therefore, you can be guaranteed that every bowl of noodles enjoyed here is made to order, ensuring quality and flavor.

Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles offers four noodle varieties. First, there's the Signature Beef Noodle Soup (NT$160), prepared by braising big beef cubes with a 50/50 beef tendon and meat ratio. The soup is rich and fragrant but does not have the greasiness commonly found in beef noodle broths. Another popular choice among regulars is the Noodles with Soybean Paste (NT$90). This simple dish is served with cucumber slices and a unique homemade soybean paste, which contains large amounts of minced pork and dried bean curd slices that boost the flavors and provide the dish with more texture. The Pork Slice Noodles (NT$90) comes with preserved radish slices and lots of pork strips, making it ideal for those with bigger appetites. Sour & Spicy Noodles (NT$90) are served with a thick broth and slightly thicker noodles. If you like noodles with a rougher texture, this is a dish for you.

In addition, Sun's also has a good number of appetizers on the menu. Specially recommended is the "Thousand-Year-Old Egg" with Tofu (NT$50). Instead of using soy sauce, the chefs replace this with specially-made minced pork and some cucumber slices for a unique treat that offers a more refreshing texture than the usual dish does.

Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles Sun's Shandong Family-Style Noodles

Left: The noodles here are made to order and freshly prepared by the owner daily.
Rigth: For a family-style appetizer (NT$30), try either the Beef Stomach or the tasty Sliced Beef (NT$60).

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