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Traveler Kitchen

Traveler Kitchen

Traveler Kitchen
Potato Box with Onion and
Vegetable (NT$119)--This dish
tastes very similar to soup with
a bread crust covering on top.
The hearty portion of cheese-
flavored potatoes will fill you up

Traveler Kitchen
Greek Chicken Rice Pasta
(NT$230)--Both the chicken and
rice pasta are first half-cooked,
then braised in the pot for that
special Greek flavor.

Greek charm and flavors at Traveler Kitchen

By Lishea Zheng Translated by Ann Lee

(04) 2223-5765
594, WuQuan Rd

Moved: 405, Taichung Port Rd., Sec. 1, West District
Hours: 11:30 am-10 pm (kitchen open until 9 pm)
Minimum charge NT$75/person.
Credit cards not accepted.
10% service charge.

Traveler Kitchen's blue and white color scheme offers a pleasant, Greek-style ambiance to customers. The owners of this restaurant are travel enthusiasts and love collecting different souvenirs wherever they go. The staff also wears Greek-style outfits, helping add to the exotic charm of this cozy place.

Signature dishes here include Greek Chicken Rice Pasta (NT$230), Olive Oil Devilfish (NT$99) and Baklava (NT$85). The kitchen has been preparing these tasty dishes since 2005, when the owners returned from a trip to Greece. While trying the rice pasta dish, take special note of the texture because, although it looks like rice, it's actually made from pasta.

The current "Our Secret Deal" afternoon tea promotion continues Mondays through Fridays (2:30-5 p.m.) until June 30, with four afternoon tea sets available:
A. Greek-Style Roast Chicken Salad + beverage = NT$149 (original price NT$290) and ideal for those with a lighter appetites.
B. French Fries, ice cream and beverage = NT$159 (original price NT$299) and is a tasty American-style mid-afternoon snack.
C. Dionysus Feta Cheese Snack (Baklava + beverage = NT$169 (original price NT$335) and is a true combination of Greek-style snacks.
D. Potato Box with Onion and Vegetable (onion rings + beverage = NT$210 (original price NT$368).

All of the above choices come with one beverage, and you can choose from the following: Blue Sea of Love, Fredo Iced Coffee, and Orange Juice. If you prefer drinking something hot, then choose from the Greek Coffee with Milk, Blueberry Tea or the Greek Lover's Herbal Tea. However, if you choose to select another drink from the menu, you can get a NT$80 discount off the original price. The other option is to pay an extra NT$49 for more afternoon tea specials. For details, check their website.

Traveler Kitchen Traveler Kitchen
Left: Olive Oil Devilfish (NT$99)--The calamari used in this dish is fresh and sweet. With the pure fragrance flavor of olive oil and wine vinegar, this is truly a flavorful, spice-filled entree.
Moussaka (NT$329)--This well-known traditional Greek dish is served with layers of lamb, minced pork, tomatoes, potatoes and feta cheese. However, it takes three trips to the oven before it's ready.

Traveler Kitchen Traveler Kitchen
Left: Afternoon Tea C Set (NT$169)--Baklava (pictured, front) is a classic Greek dessert with scoops of ice cream inside crunchy crackers. The Dionysus Feta Cheese Snack (pictured, back) uses smoked ham slices with ingredients like tomatoes, vegetables and a special feta cheese sauce wrapped inside. The pictured drink is Blue Sea of Love.

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