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Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant

Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant

Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant

Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant

Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant

A healthy approach to BBQ at Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant

By Jasmine
Translated by Ann Lee

96, WuQuan (WuChuan) Rd
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As a person who practices medicine, Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant owner Mr. Chen is very persistent and particular about the way food at his restaurant is prepared. The fact that almost all barbecue restaurants in town use charcoal for cooking means that, by the time diners are done eating, they have inhaled too much charcoal smoke, according to Chen. Because of this, he aims to provide a healthier option, replacing charcoal with stone grilling plates commonly used by Taiwanese Aborigines in their cooking. These plates are made from volcanic rock and have the added advantage of requiring less oil when grilling meats and other ingredients.

At the Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant, meals are served as sets, although you may also order from their a la carte menu. To celebrate the restaurant's anniversary, the sets (normally NT$298) are NT$250 to the end of June. When ordering a set, customers get a comprehensive meal that includes a salad with thousand island or yogurt dressing, wholemeal or raisin and walnut bread, soup (usually cream-based), a main course, and drink.

Main course dishes include Boneless Beef Ribs, Boneless Chicken Steak, Lamb Chop, and other seafood or pork-based dishes. The way these courses are made depends completely on diners, who can enjoy cooking their own ingredients on the stone grill. All poultry items are not marinated or seasoned prior to serving, so that diners can really truly savor original flavors without extra sauces or seasonings. When you grill meat on the sizzling stone plates, its natural oils make cooking oil unnecessary. All that needs to be added is a bit of salt for seasoning. However, for those who are used to adding something to their food, each table still has steak sauce, or you can ask the staff to bring you the restaurant's special homemade dipping sauce. When you get thirsty, their drink menu includes a range of milk teas, juices and beers. While teas and juices are included with your set meal, there is an extra charge for the beer.

Mr. Chen is well aware that we live in a time when people place a lot of emphasis on healthy dining. Thus, he has successfully created an eatery dedicated not only to no-charcoal, reduced-oil cuisine, but also to tasty flavors and a clean, healthy environment.

Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant Aboriginal Stone Grilled Restaurant

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