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Bagel Extravaganza!--Forty Cafe, DUNKIN' DONUTS , Hana Hana Pastry House, Bagels 'n Beans, Lesson One, Ours Bagel

The word "bagel" comes from the Austrian word "beugal". Tradition has it that back in the 17th century, a Polish king who was a great horseman drove the Turkish army from the gates of Vienna, and his Austrian baker created this "uneven" circular bread to resemble a stirup and celebrate the victory. Today, the bagel has become a commonly-loved food item around the world.

Translated by Ann Lee

Bagel Sandwich Set


Forty Cafe

By Niang Chen

(04) 2302-8627
88, Lane 155, GongYi Rd
Hours: 8 am-10 pm
No service charge. Credit cards not accepted.

*Bagel Sandwich Set (NT$200)
The wholesome wheat bagel, with a crusty dough texture, exudes a pure, fragrant smell. Stuffed with lettuce, mayonnaise, cucumbers, yellow mustard sauce, ketchup, butter, carrot slices and grilled crispy bacon, this set is completed with a glass of iced coffee.


Italian-style Meatball Bagel

Oven-Baked Bread with Eggs, Cheese & Veggie



By Niang Chen

75 & 77, SyueShi Rd
停業 Closed

*Italian-style Meatball Bagel
This bagel combination is priced at NT$70 for a single order, and NT$80 for set meal. The meatball used to create this delicious item is baked in the oven and mixed with Italian spices and meat sauce, along with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The toasted bagel is smeared with butter and cream for multiple layers of flavors. Take a big bite and savor all that American-style goodness.

*Oven-Baked Bread with Eggs, Cheese & Veggie
This tasty treat is made from a special type of oven-baked bread. Melted cheese, eggs and various vegetables are added for a hearty meal. Order a cup of Americano (10 oz.) and you'll have yourself a wholesome breakfast for only NT$39. Available before 11 a.m. (at SyueShi branch).


Bagel Combo served with Fries/Spiced Pork

Bagel with Ice Cream

Hana Hana Pastry House

By Marlene

598, MeiCun Rd, Sec 1
停業 Closed

Hana Hana's signature handmade bagels feature a crusty texture on the outside and a solid, fragrant flavor on the inside.

*Bagel Combo served with Fries/Spiced Pork is NT$120 and comes with a beverage worth NT$100 or less. The pork inside this healthy bagel is first seasoned with spices, then grilled in a pan. Add fresh lettuce, tomato and cheese for the ultimate taste. Order the set and you'll also get a plate of crispy fries and an appetizer dish.

*Bagel with Ice Cream (NT$120) also comes with a beverage worth NT$100 or less. This exclusively-made ice cream bagel is paired with a variety of nuts and sweet caramel sauce, for a fulfilling treat that is not only a great afternoon tea snack, but also ideal to be enjoyed as a main course.


Ham & Eggs Benedict

Healthy Vegetarian Burger

Bagels 'n Beans

By Marlene

462, HeNan Rd, Sec 4
Closed 停業

*Ham & Eggs Benedict (NT$200)
A solid piece of German-style ham is layered inside this tasty bagel, along with a sunny-side-up egg, some butter and a egg yolk-based Dutch sauce that exudes a slightly salty, lemony flavor. This salty and sour mix is perfect with the smoked ham inside. You may also want to try the salmon stuffing and the meal comes with salad and beverage, as well as "bottomless" cups of coffee.

*Healthy Vegetarian Burger (NT$100)
Inside this healthy burger you'll find abundant amounts of fresh lettuce, apples and hard-boiled eggs, all sandwiched between a multi-grain bagel for a refreshing choice as we approach the hotter seasons. Order a cup of coffee and make this a wholesome breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea treat. The bagels are also available in other varieties such as plain, 5-grain, onion, maple syrup & whole grain and cinnamon raisin, with as many as 10 different bagels types to choose from. A single bagel is NT$50, but if you buy four, you get one free.


The French-style Mustard Seed & Smoked Salmon Bagel

The New Yorker Breakfast


Lesson One

By Marlene

(04) 2223-6600
23, ShiFu Rd
Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am-3 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am-3 pm
No service charge. Credit cards not accepted. Minimum charge NT$60/per person.

Taichung's well-known brunch specialty shop offers dozens of bagel varieties for customers to choose from.

*The French-style Mustard Seed & Smoked Salmon Bagel (NT$130), comes with a drink and is prepared by placing mustard seed in the bagel to bring out the unique flavors of the smoked salmon. Inside you'll also get to taste crunchy lettuce, purple cabbage and tomato slices, served together with salty potato chips.

*The New Yorker Breakfast (NT$189) comes with a golden-crispy toasted bagel smeared with butter, as well as some other seasonings and dipping sauces that you get to pick on your own. This New Yorker Set is a bagel with German-style sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, salad and a drink both before and after your meal.


Smoked Chicken & Cheese Bagel

Ours Bagel

By Marlene

(04) 2207-5861
592, JianXing Rd
Hours: 11 am-9 pm
(closed Tuesdays)
No service charge. Credit cards not accepted.
No minimum charge.

*Smoked Chicken & Cheese Bagel (NT$70/single order, NT$150/set)
Made with the chef's secret-recipe honey mustard sauce and a unique flavor of smoked chicken, this savory bagel is served with fresh lettuce, a tomato slice, other vegetables and sizzling fries, served with both Mexican spices and homemade tartar sauce. This is a special, sumptuous meal for the true bagel lover!


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