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Yangtse River Restaurant

Yangtse River Restaurant

Yangtse River Restaurant

Yangtse River Restaurant

Shanghai surprises on offer at Yangtse River Restaurant

By Jasmine
Translated by Ann Lee

129, AnHe Rd, 3F (Howard Prince Hotel Taichung)
(04) 2463-2323
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-9 pm
Credit cards accepted.
Parking available. 10% service charge.

Located on the third floor of the Howard Prince Hotel, Yangtse River Restaurant continues a fine Howard tradition of serving up top-rate Shanghainese cuisine. Currently, as part of a promotion of "traditional-style gourmet dishes", the executive chef from the identically-named sister restaurant at the Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei has been invited down to supervise in the creation of these delectable specialties. Chef Chen Xing-wong has 45 years of experience in the culinary field, with expertise stretching from Shanghainese and Cantonese cuisine to Western gourmet cooking. As he notes, the ability to create the best traditional Shanghainese cuisine comes down to a chef's skills and experience; like a bottle of vintage liquor, the older it is, the better the flavor.

The restaurant is decorated with an elegant and appealing oriental flair, and its main red and gold colors conjure up the glamor of Shanghai and also create a pleasant dining ambiance. There are a total of 30 tables and seven individual dining rooms to accommodate guests' needs, from small groups to the hosting of private gatherings.

Some of the tasty entrees highlighted in the current gourmet promotion include Crystal Pork Dumplings with Preserved Bean Curd, Fried Shrimps with Crisp Rice, Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker, Fried Bamboo Shoots, and Indigenous Chicken & Cabbage served in Clay Pot. These five items are all common Shanghai-style table dishes that follow meticulous preparation steps. From the broth to the seasonal ingredients and spices, everything follows a carefully-monitored procedure to ensure authentic flavors.

Recommended by the chef, the Crystal Pork Dumplings with Preserved Bean Curd is braised with preserved red chili tofu paste, rock sugar and Shaoxing liquor. While it may come across as a bit oily, it is truly a tender and tempting dish. Another dish worth trying is the Fried Shrimps with Crisp Rice, once declared by China's Qianlong Emperior to be "the world's number-one dish". It is created by frying juicy shrimp in tomato sauce with crisp, oven-baked rice.

The Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker dish is one of Ningpo city's top 10 specialties. Chefs take fresh yellow croaker and slice it into long pieces, which are dipped into a thick bowl of flour before being fried in a wok. Diners will enjoy the tender, tastiness of this fresh fish. The Fried Bamboo Shoots are first fried at high heat to provide an extra crispiness, before being added to other flavorful ingredients like winter cabbage, seasonal vegetables and garlic. The equally delicious Indigenous Chicken & Cabbage dish, served in a clay pot, is made by stewing chicken broth with chicken drumsticks, ham, cabbage and flat bamboo shoots in a pot at slow heat for hours before serving.

Depending on the number of guests, a la carte dish prices range from NT$100 to NT$700, and the restaurant is also currently promoting its senior-citizen dining specials. For reservations or further inquiries, call (04) 2463-1616, ext. 2301 or 2302.

Yangtse River Restaurant Yangtse River Restaurant

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