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San Zui Lu Niu Che Dian


San Zui Lu Niu Che Dian


San Zui Lu Niu Che Dian


San Zui Lu Niu Che Dian

(04) 2371-5181
467, ZhongMing S Rd
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-10 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
Parking available.

Constructed from red bricks, with a vintage 1950s bicycle sitting out front, San Zui Lu Niu Che Dian is a unique-looking eatery around 60 pings large. Walk in and you'll see a vibrant-red, old ox cart by the door. The wooden tables and chairs were once used by a school, there's an ancient sewing machine, and the background music is old-fashioned tunes that were popluar back in the day. To complement this experience in time travel, executive chef Chiou Chong-ren offers a number of his signature dishes, such as the Farm Village-style Mixed Soup (NT$128), prepared with flavorful pork bones and about 10 different fresh ingredients which are cooked for many hours. This dish was invented a long time ago by farm-village women who didn't want to waste anything and mixed all the leftovers together in a soup. Another popular dish is the Three Piece Braised Pork (NT$35). Each piece of meat is cut into bite-sized bits and includes three layers of fattier and lean pork cuts. Braised Pork with Pickled Bamboo Shoots (NT$138) is prepared by first soaking the bamboo shoots in water until they become soft. These are then sliced into thin pieces and served with steamed pork. These dishes, all common to traditional farming village feasts, also include Steamed Yellow Croaker in Homemade Sauce (NT$138) and Sour Bamboo Shoot and Chicken Strips (NT$98), both well-liked by guests here. Occasionally, the restaurant promotes various stir-fry dishes (NT$98) prepared with seasonal ingredients; order up to five of these dishes, and the fifth one only costs NT$10. --By Wang Xiao-ling, translated by Ann Lee

A. San Zui Lu Niu Che Dian aims to offer traditional-style delicacies in a vintage-style dining ambiance, making it a perfect place to savor some authentic Taiwanese cooking.

B. Grandma's favorite dish, the Braised Pork with Pickled Bamboo Shoots, has a smooth texture that you will love.

C. The Farm Village-style Mixed Soup is quite nutritious and has extraordinary flavors.

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