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Wu Lao Guo


Wu Lao Guo


Wu Lao Guo

(04) 2319-1158
74, GongYi Rd, Sec 2
Hours:11:30 am-2:30 am
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Designated parking lot.

GongYi Road is home to dozens of hot pot restaurants and a top destination for those seeking hot pot. This new addition, owned by the same company as the famous Ding Wang Hot Pot Restaurant, has also chosen to set up on this popular street and offers hot pot varieties with healthy ingredients, which seem to be in great demand from consumers these days. Try the Japanese Meiji Ice Cream Tofu Pot, or the Wu Lao Spicy Hot Pot, both specialties at Wu Lao Guo. The former is prepared by cooking a soup base made from pork bones, steamed pig trotters (with oil removed) and chicken for eight long hours. After the essence of Japanese medicinal ingredients is added, the entire broth takes on a creamy color and is filled with abundant nutrients. Thus, diners also refer this dish as the "Healthy, Beautifying White Soup Pot". The Wu Lao Spicy Hot Pot is another signature hot pot dish created with the same concepts as Ding Wang restaurant's popular spicy hot pots. Made with dozens of natural Chinese medicinal ingredients and cooked on slow heat for hours, this specialty is filled with fragrant aromas, and guests can enjoy the pot ingredients without having to add any other sauces or seasonings. Simply add the ingredients, bring it to a boil, and savor the true original flavors that make this dish a real hit among patrons. At Wu Lao Guo, guests order from an a la carte menu. As the menu notes, the Japanese Meiji Ice Cream Tofu Pot (NT$120) is the most recommended dish here. There are also poultry items (NT$290-320), seafood varieties (NT$180-210), handmade ingredients like pork/shrimp balls (NT$180), dumplings (NT$90-120) and assorted vegetable plates (NT$188). --By Vincent Huang, translated by Ann Lee

A. Savor two of Wu Lao Guo's signature hot pot flavors--Japanese Meiji Ice Cream Tofu and Wu Lao Spicy Hot Pot--in one go.

B. The popular Wu Lao Pork Plate (pictured) is prepared with marinated, quality pork and the chef's secret-recipe sauce.

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