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Good, home-style flavors at the Bistro American Cuisine

By Niang Chen
Translated by Naomi Lai

(04) 2700-3613
28, Alley 28, Lane 282, XiTun Rd, Sec 2, 1F
(near Global Village on FuXing Rd)
Hours: 5-12 am, Fri & Sat 5 pm-2 am
(closed Mondays)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Situated in the alley next to the Global Village language center off FuXing Road in the Fengjia Night Market, the Bistro exudes a strong mix of Mexican and New Orleans flair in its mild yellow lighting. Owner Maxine has worked in various American restaurants for years, both in and out of the kitchen. Now running her own place, she combines the essence of both Chinese and Western dining in her own interpretation of culinary beauty.

The Bistro Super Jumbo Burger (NT$250) is a giant burger that brings together two half-pound beef patties, some crispy bacon, fried mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles--making for some very juicy mouthfuls. Add some french fries made from whole potatoes to the appetizing aroma and flavors of the burger and you have a dish that makes many foreigners feel like their back home again.

A specialty here is the Chicken Quesadilla (NT$220), a golden crisp Mexican pastry filled with onions, tomatoes, chicken and cheese. It comes with three sauces--sour cream, tomato sauce, guacamole--in an edible representation of Mexico's white, red and green national flag. There are also American home-style dishes like the Chicken Pasta (NT$130), made with stir-fried king oyster mushrooms, bell peppers, meat slices and pasta, seasoned with New Orleans spices for a spicy but not overly-hot flavor. If you're ready for dessert, have a try at the Oreo Milk Shake (NT$100), made with a smooth mix of vanilla ice cream, milk and Oreo cookies. The mouthfuls of milky richness and delightful crunch of Oreo cookies make this a not-to-be-missed kids' favorite. For those looking for more adult beverages, try the various cocktails on the menu, or make your own cocktails for NT$150 .

If you spend over NT$500 at the Bistro American Cuisine, you can even have your fortune told by Maxine, who uses the magic of Chinese chess fortune telling. Every month, there are also one or two lesbian parties hosted by the restaurant.

樂比美式餐飲 樂比美式餐飲

樂比美式餐飲 樂比美式餐飲

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