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Shang Wang Tea House


Shang Wang Tea House


Shang Wang Tea House

326, ChongDe Rd, Sec 2
(04) 2246-2200
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm; afternoon tea 2-5 pm
Credit cards accepted.

The traditional hardwood chairs and tables, together with the Chinese classical poetry decorating the walls, gives this 80-ping tea house an atmosphere that brings the past into the present. This eatery is set up to meet a wide variety of dining needs and is suitable for families, parties or just a simple afternoon tea with friends. Chinese Chef Da-Gong Yang prepares food with his 20 years of experience, cooking up healthy cuisine that features reduced salt and oil but also delights his diners. Specialties include: Fried Rolls with Oyster Sauce (NT$168), Chicken Braised with Beer (NT$168), fish fin and seafood dishes, stir-fried entrees, hot iron plate dishes, pot rice dishes, cold plates and many other delicacies. There are Japanese selections such as Crispy Seafood Roll (NT$99), made with fish paste rolled in bak choi, deep fried and then drizzled with salad dressing. Over 20 different types of dim sum are also provided, including the Prawn Cheung Fun (NT$79), featuring a rice noodle roll handmade by Chef Chao-Tang Cheng; the Prawn Dumplins (NT$59), made with a semi-transparent thin skin elaborately folded and wrapped around a delicious filling; and many other dishes waiting to delight your taste buds. --By Wang Xiao-ling, translated by Naomi Lai

A. The traditional and innovative Shang Wang Tea House offers Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Japanese cuisine.

B. Lotus Leaf Chicken (NT$59) was purple rice, wrapped in lotus leaf then steamed for a yummy bite.

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