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Dong Lai Bao Vegetarian Restaurant


Dong Lai Bao Vegetarian Restaurant


Dong Lai Bao Vegetarian Restaurant

(04) 2328-0738
55, DaRong W St
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 4:30-9:30 pm (closed every last Monday)
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.

"To see is luck, to taste is happiness" perfectly describes the 40-year-old wild Malaysian herb Tongkat Ali from Borneo. Ms. Chang, who had been in the clothing business for years, was fortunate to become acquainted with this plant through the Dong Lai Bao business and started the Dong Lai Bao Vegetarian Restaurant to share the appeal of its flavor with diners, as well as her beliefs in the importance of a vegetarian diet. When you enter the restaurant, you'll be served a special Eight Flavor Tea, which includes roseroot from Tibet that gives it a unique, unforgettable taste. Various other dishes include hotpots like the Endurance Pot (NT$280), Bone Improvement Pot (NT$280), the fruity Slim Body Pot (NT$300) and the Milk Pot (NT$300). All hotpots come with salad, rice and dessert. Set menus consisting of Rice/Noodles Mixed with Vegetables (NT$180), dumplings, soup and dessert are also offered. In addition, you can order tea, individual courses or salads (NT$100). --Words and translated by Naomi Lai

A. Unlike most vegetarian restaurants, Dong Lai Bao Vegetarian Restaurant's chic design mainly consists of a black and white colors. Combined with the bright sunlight shining through the windows and the twilight painted on the ceiling, Chang has transformed the restaurant into a fashionable cafe.

B. The soup base for all hotpots at Dong Lai Bao is made with Tongkat Ali herbal essence. This includes the pictured Energy Pot (NT$280). Even children can enjoy this soup, which is sweet rather than bitter, like most herbal soups seem to be. Ms. Chang hand-picks all of the hotpot's 20 ingredients to ensure quality. No artificial ingredients are added, just fresh, high-quality vegetables, mushrooms and taro hearts.

Dong Lai Bao Vegetarian RestaurantC. With plenty of fresh vegetables and various types of grain, the Rice Mixed with Vegetables (NT$180) is no regular rice dish. Each mouthful is an exceptional experience as grain after grain pops between your teeth and floods your mouth with a rich variety of flavors. A light soup of mushrooms and Tongkat Ali essence is included in this set.

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