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Karloffe Bakery


Karloffe Bakery


Karloffe Bakery

173-23, XiTun Rd, Sec 3
(04) 2461-7680
Hours: 7 am-10 pm

If you're heading toward Taichung Metropolitan Park, don't forget to stop by the Karloffe Bakery on XiTun Road for some fresh baked goods, made from all-natural yeasts. Bicyclists can park their bikes outside or inside the bakery while they get a snack. Six kinds of sandwiches (NT$40) are served from 7 a.m. on, including: vegetable, fruit, ham, smoked chicken, tuna, and cake. For an extra NT$9, you can turn this into a sandwich combo, which includes a hot/cold beverage like coffee or milk tea. Take-out sandwiches are three for NT$100 and five brunch sets are served between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.: 1) German Sausage; 2) Norwegian Smoked Salmon; 3) Turkey Breast; 4) Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (vegetarian); and 5) Kids' Meal with Bagel. While the Kids' Meal is NT$59, the other sets are priced according to the bread used. Bread types include long bread (NT$99), soft bread (NT$99) and bagels (NT$89 for original, grain or chocolate flavors). Every brunch option includes fruit, dessert and a soup or beverage (pumpkin soup, Caffe Americano or milk tea). The afternoon tea set (from NT$79) includes an all-natural dessert and beverages. --By Lishea Zheng, translated by Naomi Lai

A. Karloffe features simple but elegant exterior decorations, with five bicycle parking spaces outside and 14 spaces inside.

B. The all-natural yeast bread at Karloffe is baked daily until around 3 p.m. You can get toast fresh from the oven at around 1:30 p.m.

Karloffe BakeryC. The German Sausage brunch set (pictured on left) includes spicy sausage, crispy sesame bread and a delightful apple and walnut dessert. The Norwegian Smoked Salmon brunch set (pictured, right) features soft bread and creamy Snow Cake made with fresh milk.

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