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Prince Cafe


Prince Cafe


Prince Cafe

58, MeiDe St; (04) 2235-3890
Hours: 12-8:30 pm (last order)
(closed Mondays)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

While some restaurants use truffles in their cuisine, it is unique to encounter one created for that specific purpose. Such is the case of this pleasant, two-floor, 66-seat French-Italian restaurant, located opposite the Zhong Zheng Swimming Pool (and park) near China Medical University. Restaurant co-owner Freddy Kan says Prince Cafe was the natural offshoot of his exclusive importer/distributorship for northern Italy-based Tartuflanghe's truffles and truffle-derived products. The idea is to educate local diners about the joys of truffles in cooking (for which he also offers classes) and stress that truffles can be enjoyed for very reasonable prices. Co-owner/head chef Jackal Chai is an experienced, creative culinary expert who has won his share of awards at overseas competitions. Examples of his entrees include Grilled Salmon with Sweet Pepper Sauce and Truffle Honey, and Deep Fried Pork with Truffle Tartar Sauce. A dessert invention, the "Truffmisu", is a delicious truffle tiramisu, and can also be part of Prince's 2:30-4:30 pm tea time specials (NT$180-220). --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Naomi Lai

A. A great way to enjoy truffle-based cooking is the NT$399 Truffle Set Menu. All courses use truffles, including a soup; bread with the cafe's homemade Truffle Vinaigrette Herbs Butter Spread; Mediterranean Salmon With Truffle Cheese Dressing; a choice of a main entree like Pasta, Mushrooms & Chicken in Truffle Cream Sauce; and a dessert and drink. Three other meal sets (NT$280, NT$380, NT$480) also include some truffle dishes.

B. Co-owner Freddy Kan imports high-quality black and white northern Italian truffles and 30 types of related products, including truffle salt, butter, honey and oil, which he also sells to local French and Japanese restaurants.

Prince CafeC. Prince Cafe's light, open and fresh-looking ambiance is a good match to its tasty, reasonably-priced cuisine.

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