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Meidz Seafood

Meidz Seafood only gets better with time

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Naomi Lai

473-2, ZhongShan Rd, Shalu Township, Taichung County
(04) 2662-5365
Hours: 11 am-2 pm , 5-9 pm
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.

Meidz SeafoodAlthough Meidz Seafood has existed in Taichung county's Shalu township for over two decades, recent years have seen this well-known seafood restaurant reach new heights, thanks to the culinary skills and passion for service of the three Lee brothers. Meidz also serves fresh seafood caught on the same day by their own fishing vessel, including the live fish, shrimp, crabs and shellfish that been seen here. Today, its focus is more on fusion cuisine that creatively melds Eastern and Western styles together for a more exquisite dining experience.


Meidz Seafood Giant Grouper with Orange Sauce (NT$300)
A wild Giant Grouper of over 30 kilograms is cooked with sweet and sour orange sauce in this delightful combination of zesty flavors.
Meidz Seafood Red Wine Mustard Sauce Steak (NT$400)
Boneless prime beef short ribs are topped with red wine mustard sauce. The fat on the meat is evenly spread, making it more tender and juicy without an oily taste.
Meidz Seafood Taiwanese Salted-Dry Mullet Roe with Green Tea Caviar (NT$280)
The extravagant aroma and the firm texture of the air-dried wild mullet roe is wrapped within thin slices of garlic, accompanied by a caviar yogurt made with shrimp eggs. The thickly-flavored mullet roe combined with the lighter-tasting yogurt creates an innovative combination that will stimulate your taste buds.
Meidz Seafood Red Wine Apple with Tomato Mousse (NT$350)
Apples are stuffed with onion, salmon and apple pieces, then stewed in red wine until they turn amber-red. This course is accompanied with a sour, light tomato mousse.
Meidz Seafood Scallops with Plum Vinegar (NT$250)
Fresh scallops from Hokkaido are slightly fried with oil, then drizzled with homemade plum vinegar and brushed with some pomelo peels. The scallops' delicate texture and flavor mixed with the tangy pomelo peels represents a delicious fusion of land and sea.
Meidz Seafood Mediterranean Style Prawn (NT$400)
Wild prawns from Penghu are drizzled with sesame oil, olive oil and mustard for a fresh taste while retaining the original sweetness of the prawns.

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